What is reggae legends dance steps and reggae skanking?

Reggae legends dance steps and reggae skanking is a unique type of dance associated with the reggae beat. It was first created by the trench town group of third street brethrens- Cardo and Melvin. Some of the so-called -early RUDE BOYS of the music has added their versions of it. It incorporates the moves of the Rastaman skanks, with that of the heavy base line dips in the music.

It is strictly of Jamaican, Reggae, Rastaman dance.

Rastaman skanking is a spiritual and methodical sway of the body, hands, and feet in such synchronized fashion that the music follows the dancer and not the other way as seen in most dancing. Reggae skanking does not need music to make it happen, unlike other music dancing forms. The music flows from within the dancer to the outside, instead of the other way around.

Ras Cardo plans to reveal his version in a timely manner. It is the dance of legends and is easy to learn. (c) A Ras cardo reggae trench town creation.

Ras Cardo has copyrighted it and is yet to reveal publicly how it is done. Some of its basic moves are the -"Dip" and "fall back".