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Q: What is replacement for Champion RDJ7J?
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What spark plug goes into a TB21EC?

Champion - RDJ7JNGK RDJ7J

Is a champion spark plug rdj7j the same as a rdj7y?

No, one has a j at the end and the other has a y.

What is a compatible spark plug for 794-00055 from troybilt weed whacker?

E3.16 or champion RDJ7J

What is a compatible spark plug for 794 00055 from troybilt weed whacker?

Two compatible spark plugs for a Troybilt weed whacker that currently has a spark plug with a model number of 794 00055 is the Champion E3.16 or the Champion Spark plug RDJ7J. Both of these spark plugs will give your weed whacker the starting power needed in a replacement. You can buy them here

Where can one find Champion Juicer replacement parts?

There are many places where one can find Champion Juicer replacement parts. One can visit the Champion Juicer directly for these replacement parts. One may also look on eBay for these parts as well.

I am looking for replacement wheels for a Champion C44F Elliptical?

Where do I get this info

What spark plug replaces Sears STD 360946?

The replacement is a Champion CJ-8

Is there a replacement carb for an autolite 1100 carb?

Yes, it's the Holley 1940. You can get them from Champion Carburetor.

What does interim champion mean?

The champion is unable to defend his belt so a new champion is crowned. Since he never lost his belt the old champion is still champion. The new champion is considered a temporary champion and may defend his belt until the old champ returns to action. Usually the new and old champ unify the belts. Interim means temporary replacement

What is a replacement plug for champion RJ2YLE?

The replacement plug for Champion RJ2YLE would be B&S 799876. This spark plug should have a gap of .020. This type of plug should not be used though with Quantum series 625, 675 and 725 or any L-head engine.

Craftsman leaf blower Model 358.797920 What is the spark plug replacement number?

Mine has original plug, it is a: Champion # CJ8Y

What are some good meal replacement shakes?

According to the website SuperSkinnyMe, the best meal replacement shake is one that is made in the home. Ultramet Champion Nutrition is good for high protein, EAS Myoplex Light Meal Replacement is good for low calorie and Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body for low carbohydrate.