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You will have to show significant change in order to change the custody agreement in North Carolina. Even if there are significant changes, it is up to the judge to decide the custody of a child.

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Q: What is required for change in child custody in Georgia divorce and custody was in state of North Carolina?
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If live in South Carolina can you file for divorce in Georgia?

Why not at south carolina? As you are living in south carolina,it will be better for you to file divorce at carolina. The answer is no. You will have to file for your divorce in South Carolina but you have to have resided in South Carolina for at least one year.

What is the divorce requirement in the state of Georgia?

No one is required to divorce. If you need assistance with filing for divorce, you should speak with an attorney.

How do you divorce in South Carolina with child support?

South Carolina child support is calculated based on which parent has custody of the child and the relative salaries of the parents. In a divorce once custody is decided, then child support is just a standard calculation. For more South Carolina child support information and the South Carolina child support calculator, click on the link below.

In Georgia how long do you have to be separated before filing for divorce?

GA doesn't have a required separation period to file for divorce.

If you marry and take joint custody of children of your wife will you be required to pay child support in the case of a later divorce?

Unless you adopted your wife's children, you should not be required to support them after the divorce.

If married in South Carolina and now are getting a divorce in Georgia what state law do you go by?


How long do you have to be separated before you can file for divorce in North Carolina?

For a no-fault divorce, the required separation period is one year.

Is the court form Basic Parenting Plan REQUIRED to be filed for a divorce in Miami-Dade County?

it's required before a decision is made on custody

Do all divorce attorneys specialize in custody agreements or do I need to look for a lawyer with certain credentials?

Looking at the Google results for divorce lawyers, it looks like most of them do child custody settlements as part of litigating the divorce itself, so no special credential should be required.

Who has child custody in divorce when their is no custody set?

The parents have assumed joint custody.

How can you divorce your illegal husband of 9 years and with children?

You divorce and get custody over your kids or just get full custody!

You have joint custody dad moved does this void divorce custody agreement?


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