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Q: What is required in the contractors proposal when Cost or Pricing Data are required?
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For which one what situations would an offeror typically submit detailed cost or pricing data?

A sole-source proposal for a non-commercial item valued at $800,000

Disadvantages of Cost-Based pricing?

The cost based pricing may overlook costs that are not monetary. Cost based pricing may overlook inefficiency Cost based pricing may not take advantage of consumer surplus.

What gives us the authority to request the submission of certified cost or pricing data on this modification?

52.215-11. Unless an exception applies, FAR 15.403-4 (a)(1)(iii) requires the submission of certified cost or pricing data for any modification expected to exceed the current threshold, regardless of whether or not certified cost or pricing data were initially required.

The advantages and disadvantages of full cost plus pricing?

The advantage of full cost plus pricing is the higher return on investment. The disadvantage of full cost-plus pricing is lower demand for the products.

What has the author Spencer A Tucker written?

Spencer A. Tucker has written: 'Pricing for higher profit' -- subject(s): Pricing 'The complete machine-hour rate system for cost-estimating and pricing' -- subject(s): Cost accounting, Pricing 'Cost-estimating and pricing with machine-hour rates' -- subject(s): Cost accounting, Industrial Costs, Prices

When an offeror is required to provide certified cost or pricing data should be used to verify that the overall price offered is fair and reasonable.?

price analysis

What is the difference between cost plus pricing and marginal pricing?

Cost plus pricing is based on full product cost plus desired profit margin to arrive at the product price, while marginal cost plus pricing makes use of the product's total variable cost plus desired profit margin to arrive at the product's price. Marginal cost plus pricing (or "mark-up pricing) is based on demand, and completely ignores fixed costs in arriving at the product's price.

What is the differences between cost-based pricing or market-based pricing?

Cost based pricing uses the costs that were invested in producing the goods. In market based pricing, supply and demand are the key factors that determine price.

What approach to pricing Cost based pricing Competition Based Pricing Demand based pricing?

I'm doing a school assignment so I have no clue! :)

What clause in the FAR provides a remedy to the government in the event the contractor submits defective certified cost or pricing data on this modification?

FAR 15.408 (c) states, "The contracting officer shall, when contracting by negotiation, insert the clause at 52.215-11, Price Reduction for Defective Certified Cost or Pricing Data -- Modifications, in solicitations and contracts when it is contemplated that certified cost or pricing data will be required from the contractor or any subcontractor (see 15.403-4) for the pricing of contract modifications, and the clause prescribed in paragraph (b) of this section has not been included."

What are the different pricing methods in international marketing?

Bid Pricing Cost Plus Pricing Customary Pricing Differential Pricing Diversionary Pricing Dumping Pricing Experience Curve Pricing Loss Leader Pricing Market Pricing Predatory Pricing Prestige Pricing Professional Pricing Promotional Pricing Single Price for all Special Event Pricing Target Pricing

Explain the differences between value-based pricing and cost-based pricing?