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What is rhythm and blues?

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Rhythm and blues music derives it's beats from swing jazz.

Rhythm and blues is a genre of music that was developed from black people combining jazz and blues.. � any more questions hit me up

The music of the slaves is called blues. The rhythm patterns of jazz is similar to the rhythm patterns of the blues.

Blues is a combination of syncopated rhythm and blues scale. Traditional music uses western scale where as blues can commonly found with blues scales. It comes with flat 3rd, flat 5th, and flat 7th.

Love Rhythm and Blues - 1999 TV was released on: USA: February 1999

Blues is unique people were slaves when they did it. their music gotn all around the world and the music is known as blues and rhythm. yo i dont know if its true.

The blues started in 1880 and ended at 1990

There is original blues (the kind that was sung by black slaves), city blues, urban blues, Blues and Rhythm and classic blues (the kind that was sung by most artists).

It stands for Rhythm & Blues!!!

rhythm and blues band and her boyfriend

1)Blues music has always got a sad rhythm to it and sad words.2) Blues is very similar to Jazz but with a sad rhythm to it as the comment says above me. Without the 'sad' flow of it, it won't be Blues... :)By ~Farida'x~

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Rhythm and Blues ==============

R&B stands for Rhythm and Blues.

The development of rythm & blues can be implied by the development of a full blues band rather than just a guitar & harp

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R&B (rhythm and blues).

It means rhythm and blues.

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