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Q: What is ridiculous about this claim?
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Why was Vasco Balboa's claim for Spain ridiculous?

Vasco balboa's claim to Spain was ridiculous because he eradicated every person he met. he tried to take over what the Native Americans already had

Can a husband claim any equity in a house that he lived in with his wife for 3 years if it is in her parent's name?

No he cannot claim equity on the house. But the daughter can claim it according to laws in India. Some laws are really ridiculous.

Are this youtube accounts real ivanessahudgensreal and vanessarealzhudgens and officialmicy?

If you're asking if they belong to who they claim to belong to, then the answer is "almost certainly not, don't be ridiculous".

What is the comparative and superlative form of ridiculous?

more ridiculous, most ridiculous

What do you do if your question has a ridiculous answer?

Delete the ridiculous answer.

What is the comparative for ridiculous?

more ridiculous

What is comparative for ridiculous?

more ridiculous

How do you use ridiculous in a sentence?

"I looked ridiculous in that costume." "Stop being so ridiculous!" Enough time passes to get such a ridiculous notion out of my head. It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that they are. He was quick to dismiss these as ridiculous rumours. Just a few examples, hope this helped. :)

Is this the correct spelling of ridiculous?


What is comparative form of ridiculous?

more ridiculous

What happens if you act ridiculous?

If you act ridiculous, then people will think you're stupid if you act ridiculous.

How do you use the word ridiculous in a compound sentence?

It's a ridiculous hair cut and he wants a refund.It's a ridiculous argument and no one will win.Her story is ridiculous and I don't believe it.It's a ridiculous price but he bought it anyway.