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Rising warm air transports thermal energy by?


Rising warm air transports heat energy by?

it would be convection... I think that is what it is... you might want to do some more research.

What is the rising body of warm air?

Thermal .

What are the main uses for thermal energy?

Thermal energy is used to keep us warm. An example of a use of thermal energy is a radiator. This is because a radiator is used to warm a room and keep people warm.

What rises upward from the warm surface?

Warm air rising up is known as a thermal.

What happens to the thermal energy if you drop an ice cube in a warm drink and it melts?

Heat (thermal energy) in the warm drink transfers to the ice until they are the same temperature.As the ice gains thermal energy, it will warm up and melt.

What is the name of a rising current of warm air?

The phenomenon is known as a "thermal."

What is hot air called?

A thermal is a column of rising warm air.

Circular movement of warm air rising and cool air sinking?

Convection (for solids and liquids). The equivalent transferal of thermal energy in a solid is conduction.

Which type of energy makes a light bulb feel warm?

It is thermal energy, which is also known as heat, which makes a light bulb feel warm.

When zinc gets warm what energy is released?

thermal energy

What is the column of warm rising ats that eagles glide on called?

Thermal Updrafts

What happens to thermal energy in an air conditioner?

I think that thermal energy is moved from warm areas to cooler areas

How does warm air transport thermal energy?


What are some characteristics of thermal energy?

it's warm.

What source of energy does a radiator use?

its thermal energy because it has heat and a radiator to warm your feet uses heat so that is why its thermal energy.:)

How does thermal energy impact the formation of tornadoes?

Tornadoes are a product of thunderstorms. Thunderstorms get their energy from warm, moist air, converting thermal energy into kinetic energy.

What is the cause of the warm air currents called thermals-?

A thermal is warm air rising off the ground that has been heated by the sun.

What are characteristics of thermal energy?

warm,hot,good for winter,

What is a personal experience of thermal energy?

Feeling a warm breeze.

What is a spiral updraft?

A spiral updraught is a thermal (rising column of warm air) in which a bird, hand-glider or glider will circle (spiral) round in to take full advantage of the rising warm air.

What is the definition for thermal energy for kids?

thermal energy is energy in the form of heat.

Does a layer of animals fat conduct or insulate thermal energy?

it insulates thermal anergy and keeps the warm in

How does a cup of hot tea have more thermal energy than a warm kettle?

you are asking 'hot' teacup vs 'warm' kettle. If the universe were 'warm', it would have more thermal energy than a hot' teacup, regardless of the temperature - thermal energy - of the teacup, or it would not exist from 'burning' up. the kettle and the teacup sizes must be defined before the thermal energy can be determined, as well as the specific temperatures involved. doveshawk.

Does coal have thermal energy?

Coal by itself lacks thermal energy, apart from what is given to it by its surroundings (e.g. the Earth--which gives everything on its surface thermal energy--warm air, or other nearby sources of heat).

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