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What is rosemary used for?

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The leaves of the rosemary plant are a staple flavoring in Mediterranean cooking. Rosemary is especially compatible with grilled or roasted lamb and fish.

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What is the meaning of the name Rosemary?

Rosemary is a herb used for cooking.

Is rosemary a shrub?

Yes. Rosemary is a shrub. But it is also used as an herb for cooking.

What is rosemary spice?

An aromatic herb that grows on the rosemary bush. The needles are used for their scent.

What can Rosemary spice be used for?

Rosemary is a woody herb with evergreen-like needles. This bitter herb is used in Mediterranean cooking.

What is the Malayalam name of rosemary leaves?

The Malayalam name of rosemary leaves is Poovaamkurunthal‍. Rosemary is native to southern part of France, Spain, and Italy, and China. Rosemary is used in cooking and perfumes.

What is thyme used for?

As a substitute for Rosemary.

What country did rosemary come from?

Rosemary, Rosmarinus officianalis is native of what used to be called Asia minor.

What is the Tamil name for rosemary?

In Tamil, the closest translation for Rosemary is "urocumari." Rosemary is very aromatic, slightly bitter, and often used in cooking to season foods.

Can hamsters eat rosemary?

Rosemary is safe if used fresh or dried. Oil is a no go and can cause problems with their lungs or airways. Rosemary is a great anti-inflammatory.

Can Coastal rosemary be used for cooking?

Yes, its leaves are used for that

Is a rosemary a vegetable?

No, it is a herb used for flavoring.

What is rosemary essential oil used for?


What are rosemary leaves?

They are, not surprisingly, the leaves of the rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) bush.Commonly used in cooking and as an ornamental plant.

What is rosemary in Tamil?

The tamil name of rosemary is THALISABATRI mostly used in treating respiratory disorders in Siddha medicine.

What can be used as a substitute for rosemary?

For fresh rosemary substitute 1/4 tsp dried rosemary for each tsp fresh required Or equal amounts of oregano OR basil. For dried rosemary substitute: Dried savory, tarragon, or thyme.

What does rosemary represent as a symbol from war?

Rosemary stands for remembrance, and so it is used to remember those who have given their lives in war.

How is rosemary produced?

Rosemary is a shrub. The herb can be collected from wild rosemary or farmed rosemary.

What type of plant is the rosemary?

Rosmarinus officinalis or the common Rosemary is an herbaceous shrub. It is used as an ornamental plant as well as a culinary herb.

What is the Tamil name for rosemary herb?

The tamil name of rosemary is THALISABATRI mostly used in treating respiratory disorders in Siddha medicine.

Is rosemary fruit?

Rosemary is an aromatic herb, most often used in cooking. You can find dried rosemary in the spice section of your grocery store. Grocery stores also carry fresh rosemary sprigs, if that's what your recipe calls for. Rosemary is also grown outdoors as an ornamental plant, often as part of an herb garden.

What can be used to garnish savoury dishes?


Can rosemary be used as a substitute for thyme?

Though it does have a different flavor, rosemary works well as a substitution for thyme with pork, lamb & potato recipes.

What is rosemary used for during Medieval times?

Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb that had spread to northern Europe by the late middle ages. It was used in herbal medical remedies, and also as a cooking herb.

Do you have to cook rosemary before eating?

You can eat rosemary raw without coming to any harm, but the flavour will be strong and the leaves tough.The herb is more usually used chopped and cooked in sauces, casseroles, and so on, or used as part of a bouquet garni or simply put in as whole twigs and later discarded.Rosemary is also popular sprinkled over roasting meats and on foods to be barbecued. Whole twigs, again, are used in this way.Strong twigs of rosemary or oregano are sometimes stripped of leaves and used as kebab skewers, and rosemary branches are used in barbecue fires.

Who is rosemary?

Who is Rosemary in the giver

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