Salt (Sodium Chloride)

What is salt?

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What is salt?Salt is a chemical compound made up of sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl), or NaCl.
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What is plain salt?

Plain salt would mean ordinary table salt, as opposed to flavored salt . There are onion salt, garlic salt, seasoned salt, smoked salt , celery salt, etc. -- none of these would be plain salt.

Is grey salt the same salt as kosher salt?

No, kosher salt is identical to table salt. Grey salt is moist, unrefined sea salt.

What are the types of salt?

there are three types of salt, they are 1) Acidic salt: the salt which is acidic in nature is called acidic salt. 2) Basic salt: the salt which is basic in nature is called basic salt. 3) neutral salt: the salt which is neutral is called neutral salt.

How do you get pure salt from rock salt?

Table salt is finely ground salt. You can get it from rock salt by grinding the rock salt.

How is table salt different than Epsom's salt?

Table salt is a sodium salt Epsom salt is a magnesium salt

What is the classification of salt?

salt is classified as follows:- unrefined saltrefined salt iodised salt

Is the salt water actually salt?

Salt water is a solution of salt, containing of course salt.

Do you ad salt to a salt water pool?

No. salt water is salt water. it already has salt in it

What are the ingredients in Rock Salt?

Salt. Nothing else added. Salt is a crystal and rock salt is salt that is not made into a fine grained salt.

Is kosher salt rock salt?

It can be. Most salt is rock salt. And <i>all</i> salt is sea salt, since it came originally from the sea.

In salt water the salt is?

the salt is the solute

What is oriental salt?

Eastern Salt. Occidental salt would be Western Salt.

Is table salt a salt?

Table salt is a salt - sodium chloride (NaCl).

Where was salt founded?

Salt used in cooking is derived from seawater (sea salt) or from layers of salt in mineral deposits (rock salt or mineral salt).

What kind of salt do you put in a salt water pool?

Swimming pool salt not rock salt, sea salt, water softener salt. k

Another name for salt?

Another names for salt: sodium chloride, table salt, edible salt, common salt, rock salt, halite.

Is salt and rock salt the same thing?

Yes, cooking salt = table salt = rock salt = salt = halite = sodium chloride = NaCl

Is coarse salt the same as rock salt?

Coarse salt, table salt, fine salt, rock salt - all are sodium chloride, NaCl.

What are 3 types of salt there is none?

Salt for human consumption is produced in three different forms: unrefined salt (such as sea salt), refined salt (table salt), and iodized salt.

What are the different kind of salt?

Examples: ultrapure salt as reagent in chemistry, fine salt (table salt), salt as granules, impure salt, salted water, iodized salt etc.

Which salt is the strongest sea salt or table salt?

table salt Any difference; table salt, rock salt, sea salt are the same chemical compound - sodium chloride, NaCl.

How did salt become salt?

Salt is a mixture of sodium and chlouride. Salt got its name from the candy Salt Water Taffys

Why is the salt in a salt water solution a solute?

The salt is the solute in a salt water solution because the salt is the substance that is dissolved.

Is sea salt a salt substitute?

Sea salt is equivalent to table salt (sodium chloride, rock salt, halite).

What is salt and NaCl?

Table salt (common salt, edible salt, rock salt, halite) is sodium chloride - NaCl.

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