What is salt during cold war?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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SALT was a period of two talks between the United States and the Soviet Union on armaments control.

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Q: What is salt during cold war?
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Why was SALT important during the cold war?

i don't really freakin know actually it was your mom and his girlfriend

Kennedy was president during what war?

He was president during the cold war and vietnam.

What various issues were in the cold war?


What was the Soviet espionage during Cold War?

The soviet espionage during the cold war was managed by the KGB.

Was there war on the seas during the cold war?


Who were the Leaders during the cold war?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in charge of America during the Cold War.

Who headed the east bloc during the Cold War?

The USSR headed the eastern bloc during the Cold War.

How does the cold war relate to Microsoft?

Microsoft was invented during the cold war.

How did the policy of to the cold war?

they wanted to rebuild the empire during the cold war.

Who were the leader of Cuba during the cold war?

Batista was the leader of the cold war

What side was Austria on during the Cold War?

Austria was capitalist throughout the Cold War. It was on the USA's side of the Cold War.

What was Ronald regans age during the cold war?

Ronald Reagan was around 70 years old during the cold war. But it also depends what cold war you are talking there were 5 cold wars.