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What is salt use for?

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For Swimming Pools, salt is used as a substitute for chlorine.

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Is iodized salt the worse salt to use?

Iodized salt is the best to use !

Can you use pool salt for table salt?

Table salt is edible, for human use - pool salt no.

What type of salt do you use for roads during winter?

To salt your driveway,you would use rock salt.

Can you use normal salt to clean a navel piercing?

You can use it once if you ran out of sea salt but you need to use sea salt. It's the best thing to use.

Where can you use evaporation?

You can use evaporation to separate salt from a solution of salt and water.

Do you use less sea salt than the amount of salt that recipe calls for?

You actually use more sea salt in cooking than one would use kosher or table salt.

Who were the first to use salt?

The consumption of salt predates human evolution. So the first to "use" salt were various animals.

For a salt free diet can you use sea salt?

No, sea salt is still salt. If you really need a salt FREE diet, you can't use sea salt. If you need a LOW salt diet, then sea salt can be used sparingly just like any other salt.

What do you do with the salt from desalination?

This salt is refined and used as table salt or for industrial use.

Can you use Shoe string to make a salt crystal?

No, you pretty much have to use salt.

When do you use salt water?

we use salt water while one gets dehaidretion

Is it better for fish to have more salt in their water?

Only salt water fish. But if you have a pet salt water fish then it is better to use sea salt and research on how much sea salt to use.

Why do you use salt in cooking?

Salt is a flavor enhancer.

How do you measure salt?

1. For the mass of salt use a balance. 2. For the concentration of salt use a salinometer or a method of analytical chemistry.

Can you use salt for hemorrhoids?

No need to use salt. The safest option is that just to use clean water and leave it at that.

Can you use evaporated salt in a pool without a electrolytic cell?

The only reason to use salt in a pool is so that it can be broken down by an electrolytic cell, into chlorine. There is absolutely no reason to use salt if you dont have a salt system.

Why do you use salt before pepper?

Where is it written to use salt before pepper? Silly question.

Could you use kolsher salt in stead of ebson salt?

Kosher salt is the Jewish name of the table salt (sodium chloride, NaCl). Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate heptahydrate - MgSO4.7H2O. Do not use interchangeably.

Why is salt used?

You can use salt for putting on your food! :D

Why does Kenya use salt?

Kenya uses salt for meat

What can you substitute kosher salt with?

You can use regular table salt.

Can you use regular table salt in your freshwater aquarium?

There are commonly two types of 'regular' table salt. One is 'Iodised' the other is not. Do not use the 'Iodised' salt in fish tanks. I would advise you to use cooking salt as that is not 'Iodised'.

Could you use kosher salt in stead of epsom salt?

Kosher salt is the same as table salt. It's not a replacement for epson salt.

How can compounds be use in real life?

Sugar (table sugar) is an element that we use to make food sweet. Salt is also a compound, we use salt (table salt) for many things.

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