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What is selling price of 1903colt pocket pistol.32 caliber?

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What is the value of 1903 colt pocket pistol.32 calibre?

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.31 Caliber Pocket Pistol Based on what original?

The .31 caliber pocket pistol is based on the volcanic repeating arms company's .31 caliber lever action pistol using rocket ball ammunition( I think, but don't rely on my answer if your question is for something important because I might be wrong.)

Who made 25 caliber gold etched pocket pistol?

Lots of makers made 25 cal pocket pistols. Embellishment may or may not be done by the maker

How did booth kill Lincoln?

He shot him with a 44. caliber small pocket size single shot hand gun

How much is a 31 caliber colt 1849 pocket revolver worth?

100-1000 or more depending on specifics

What is the top selling brand of pocket watches?

Charles Hubert is the top selling brand of pocket watches. They offer a variety of beautiful watches that are easily purchased online. They have been a major influence in the U.S. watch industry since 1990.

Whats the best high powered rifle caliber?

Best will be determined by intended use, your pocket book, your skills and what is available

You have 2 colt 36 caliber pocket revolvers octagon barrels what are they worth?

You need the services of a professional firearms appraiser

What is the value of a 32 caliber self-cocking vest pocket pistol?

impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings.

What is the value of a meriden firearms 38 caliber pocket pistol?

Can't be done without a detailed description of all features and overall condition at a minimum

When was the first pistol chambered in 44-40 caliber?

Colt introduced their Frontier Six shooter in this caliber in 1878. Remington may have been earlier with the Model 1875, or Merwin & Hulbert with their "Pocket Army" revolver. M&H used the designation 44-73 (44 caliber, Winchester Model 73)

How much can you sell a 22c pistol for?

How much can you sell a car for? Depends on the car. Your answer depends on the pistol. There are inexpensive 22 caliber "pocket" pistols that sell for about $50-75, and VERY pricey .22 caliber Olympic competition pistols that are $1000- and up.

How can you tell the age of your Colt automatic 32 caliber pocket pistol?

You can call Colt and give them the serial number or you can look it up in the Blue Book of Gun Values.

Are there .25 caliber semi automatic handguns?

Yes. Quite a few manufacturers have made and continue to make .25 caliber pistols. Some are:Beretta 25 Caliber Model 950Browning Baby 25 AutoBudischowsky .25 Automatic PistolColt Vest Pocket 1908C G Haenel Schmeisser I .25 ACPFEG 6.35 mmKommer Pocket .25 ACPINTRATEC Model Protec 25ACLangenhan 2 .25 ACPM.A.B Martian 6.35MMMauser 1910-1914 6.35 mmMauser WTPI .25 ACPMelior of Belgium Vest Pocket .25 ACPP.A.F. Junior Pocket PistolOrtgies Vest Pocket .25 ACPOWA Vest Pocket .25 ACPSchuler Reform Pistol (a four shot, four barrel, but still auto)Taurus PT-25 AutoSundance 825Tula Korvna Mdl. TOZThere are many others.

How do you steal Tech Decks?

just take them out of the case and put them in your pocket. dont listen to that rubish im selling them 10p per one

What weapon was used in Lincoln's assassination?

It was a .41 caliber cap and ball pocket pistol marked Derringer and is on display at the Ford's Theater National Historic Site in Washington, DC.

What is the price range for a used colt 1903?

I have seen colt model 1903 pocket pistols selling on gun broker.com for between 400-650 dollars lately.These fine pocket pistols were in above average to very good condition.

What is the value of the following 22 caliber long rifle hi-standard duramatic pistol 32 caliber colt pocket pistol us military 32 caliber colt pistol?

Value will depend on exact configuration, overall condition, finish, box, manual, accessories, serial number, barrel length, etc.. Range could be from 25 USD to multiple thousands of USD.

What part of speech is the word pocket?

Pocket is a noun (a pocket) and a verb (to pocket).

What is value of Colt 25 caliber automatic handgun?

It depends on exactly which model, for instance, I sold a Colt 1908 Pocket .25 the other day for $300. Other models are worth different amounts.

What are the most common caliber weapons used by criminals?

The Lorcin .380 is the #1 contender on the BATFE's list for several years. Smaller "pocket pistols", such as the .22, .25, and .32 also tend to be popular.

Why do teens get jobs?

Teens get jobs because they have to feel independent. Sometime they need cash in their pocket so they get a job to get cash. Rather than going out & selling drugs.

Can you put a motor in a razor pocket rocket?

Yes, only if you know how to convert an electric motor to a gas motor, along with all the components. Think about converting your car to run on batteries...would that be possible? If your answer to that question is no then no you can't put a motor in a razor pocket rocket...Go on craigslist.com and I'm sure someone is selling a motorized pocket rocket for 50$ or less

What is a pocket vote?

you mean pocket vote or pocket veto?

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