What is shadah?

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The shadah is the first pillar of Islam and means the decleration of faith.

Muslims belive that there is one god called Allah and his messanger Muhammad.

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Q: What is shadah?
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How many Muslims were in the battle of Uhud?

How many Muslim were meet to shadah in the Battle of Yamamah?

How can you be a member of Islam?

to become a member of Islam that means if you want to accept Islam you have to just repeat the shadah (kalmah) and you will become a Muslim

What are the teachigs of Islams?

pray 5 times a day, give money to the poor, go to mecca someday in your life if you have money, fast, and the Shadah which is reciting there is no god but Allah and Mohamed is the messenger of Allah.

Islamic key religious words?

'shadah' meaning testimony. namaz/salat 'sawm' meaning fast hajj zakat quran (the Islamic holy book) n.b need more just ask.

Can you name 10 short facts about Muslim religion?

first: fact Muslim religon is not a religion..Muslim is the term for who follows the religion or way of life of Islam. second:contrary to tv books and news and bad Muslims that cliam is Islam for to kill all non Muslim that is lie.... third:the real meaning is peace and worship of one God of Abraham fourth:one god of Abraham that shares ties with judism and Christianity. fifth:the holy book of Islam is called the quran it was revealed to the prophet Muhamed(s.a.a.w.)(pbuh)(not Mohamed)by the angel gabrieal in the month of Ramadan. sixth:the quran is the only religouse text that still has an original document of it no other monothist religon have any orignal documents to survive.. seventh:to Muslims the quran is the real liturel word of almighty God. eight:anyone can become s not just an Arab culture thing Islam is for any as chrsitanity is for any and is simple to become just take shadah or contact a local mosque. nineth:in Islam there is no eating of the "God said do not eat the flesh of swine..aslo is for Jews and suppose to be for christians...but most christians live in western world so pork is a popular food product so i don't think God cares on that..cus he want us to live and be healthy. 10.Muslims pray 5 times a day is part of the pillars of Islam...and they after they do the sla for God they pray for all ppl and wish the best for all ppl of earth ...bless everyone who read this i know is not that good but i try i didnt see any one else saying a thing so bless all and may God always keep you in healthy and ur family in light of god hand salam WA alicum

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