What is shanshiyo clan?

Shanshiyos are apart of the Banadiri ethnic group who have lived in Somalia for many years. There are four major clans, which break down into their own clans and subclans.

They are of Persian origin, First settlers in Hamar 13th century, including : Haddad family and Shafe' Ben Taya', they united because of their relationship of the prince of Mecca (Abdul Mutaleb), their origin start from Haithem Ben Akeel Ben Abu-Taleb of Mecca Princes before Islamic era.

Most of them are a people who came from Qat al" Salih', some historians say that originally are a people form Shatt al Arab, between Iran and Iraq. Because of Beni Taya'.

These family also taken residence in Shingani and Merca. Including Sheikh Mumin Al-Rufa'e Al-Qarni Beni Makram of Asharaf, form Beni Akeel Ben Abu Taleb, that early enjoyed as on of Hamar Wayne settlers, as a Islamic Preacher, and taken residence with Shaanshi family square in Hamar Wayne, and Buur Hakaba.