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Egg baked in a small cup or bowl with a covering of cream or milk and often topped with buttered bread-crumbs. The whites of the cooked eggs are typically firm, the yolks soft.


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i believed it's fried egg. a fried egg is a baked or fried in a pan egg. hope this answer helped! $) Another name for a baked egg is a shirred egg. Baked eggs are baked in an oven not fried on the stove top.

Yes, the dish is made of porcelain and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

It is when it is lightly cooked!

Sheared-cut with shears.

Eggs Benedict traditionally uses poached eggs. Eggs Florentine may use poached or shirred eggs.

I believe those are called poached eggs. and they are also called shirred.

American Staford Shirred Terriers were bred with the American Bull Dog to create the American Pit-bull Tarrier.

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it is the egg from the egg of the egg in the egg where the egg is located at the egg.... and the egg is inside of the egg where the egs is outside the egg and inside the egg XD

No, it does not. The egg yolk is just part of the entire egg. There are three parts of the egg. The egg shell, the egg yolk, and the egg whites.

The egg yolk is larger in a jumbo egg than in a large egg. The egg white's are all the same size.

The egg shell, the egg whites and the egg yolk.

According to Wikipedia, the uncooked egg roll is dipped in egg or an egg wash and then fried.

Life + Stone = EGG Egg + Fire = FRIED EGG Egg + Swamp = LIZARD :)

egg nog is raw egg, egg custard is cooked egg.

The egg of the fairyfly wasp. A hummingbird's egg is the smallest bird egg.

egg shell,egg yolk,egg white

I had a boiled egg for breakfast.The hen laid an egg.Eggnog contains egg, as the name suggests.

a dark egg It is an egg that is alive.

a chicken egg is smaller than a ostrich egg and a ostrich egg is the biggest egg known to man

no egg can lay another egg because they have not been born yet when the egg has hatched and it has grew up then they can lay an egg of there own.

Egg rupture and egg release are two different things. Egg release is when the female body releases an egg in hopes to be fertilized. Egg rupture refers to the egg bursting because of cysts.

Usually there is only one egg yolk in an egg. But there have been nine found in one egg.

THere are many different ways: Whole egg Egg white Egg yolk Egg yolk with water Egg white with water Egg yolk with milk Egg white with milk Or you could just use Milk Hope this helped xxx

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