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Do you mean silia? if so they are fine hairs that filter out bacteria so they won't get into your nose or throat. hope this helps, but if this isn't what you were looking for I'm very sorry!!!

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silicia is a homeopathic medicine , it is made up of flint . It is considered a polycrest .

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Q: What is silicia?
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What is the relation of silica and pulsatilla?

silicia is chronic for pulsatilla means for chronic symptoms of pulsatilla ,give silicia if pulsatilla is not effective

Is mount merapi a quiet or explosive volcano?

quiet low silicia

What is silicia and how does it affect how well magma will flow?

The more silica, the slower the lava flows and the more viscous it is.

What effect does silicia content have on the characteristics of magma?

Silica-rich magma is much more thick and viscous.

Does homeopathy helps to grow taller?

Some of the medicines in homeopathy for height increase is baryta carb, silicia, etc.

Does Pinatubo have silicia?

The magma of all volcanoes contains silica. The 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo involved dacite magma, which has a high silica composition.

What is silicia used for?

Silica gel is made from sodium silicate. The gel is tough and hard and is more solid than other household gels. It is used to control humidity or to avoid spoilage.

What causes the quiet erupt and loud erupt?

Loud Erupt: The magma is really thick It is cooler lava More silicia Quiet Erupt: Thin Hotter lava low silica

Homeopathic medicines to increase height?

yes homeopathic medicines helps you in increasing your height (calcarea phos, silicia, etc) but without any doctor's consultation don't take any homeopathic medicine.

What actors and actresses appeared in High Stakes Redemption - 2009?

The cast of High Stakes Redemption - 2009 includes: Abel Benavides as Cisco Diana Gacia as Detective Alvarez Joseph Garza Medina as Lenny Corinne Gilbert as Gloria Silicia Miranda Garcia as Samantha

What happened to Silicia In Sword Art Online?

She tames a mystical dragon named Pina, and is a sideline character for most of the SAO arc. She is seen often at the dicey cafe hanging out with the crew, and she and Lisbeth are also seen at the school for SAO children. She plays ALO as a Cait-Sith after the uploading of the seed.

Why did the earth separate into distinct layers?

"Because of the plates." The above answer is terribly wrong. Density differences in elemental materials caused differentiation of the Earth's crust early in its existence. Heavier material (iron-nickel-rich) "sank" into the interior of the earth, while lighter silicia-rich materials "floated" to the exterior surface, creating the crust.

Is there any side effect when you eats too much cucumber?

Cucumber has high amount of a mineral named silicia, it is a very healthy mineral that make sure that the calcium in our bdoy is possessed in the bones and not other places, it is also an important component in healthy hair, nails and skin. You should not worry about eating too much cucumbers but moderation is the best alternative to everything, eat alot but not too much.

What are the treatments available for a low red blood count?

I suppose you have been diagnosed with anemia after having laboratory blood tests. The treatments available are 1. Ayurveda: You hace lauh bhasm (powder), lauh sav (syrup), etc 2. Homeopathy: Ferrum Phos, Ferrum Mettalica, Silicia, etc 3. Allopathy: Ferrous/Ferric, along with vitamins and protein supplements, etc. 4. Diet: Carrot, beetcarrot, jaggery, pomengrate, green leafy vegetables, cook meal in iron utensils, etc

What are coagulant aids?

Coagulant aids are chemicals which are added to water during coagulation to:1) Improve coagulation;2) Build a stronger, more settleable floc;3) Overcome slow floc formation in cold water;4) Reduce the amount of coagulant required;5) Reduce the amount of sludge produced.The key reason coagulant aids are used is to reduce the amount of alum used, which, in turn, decreases the amount of alum sludge produced. Alum sludge is difficult to dewater and to dispose of.TYPES OF COAGULANT AIDSActivated Silica1) Increase the coagulation rate;2) Reduce the amount of coagulant needed;3) Widen the pH range for effective coagulation;4) Chief advantage-strengthens floc5) Usually added after coagulant, never directly with alum.Weighting Agents1) Provide additional particles that can enhance floc formation.2) Used to treat water that is high in color;3) Used to treat water that is low in turbidity;4) Used to treat water that is low in mineral content5) Different types include: Bentonite Clay, Powdered Limestone, and Powdered SiliciaPolyelectrolytesExtremely large molecules which produce highly charged ions when dissolved in water. These are also called polymers.Types of PolyelectrolytesCationic (+)1) Have a positive (+) charge.2) Allows reduced coagulant dose;3) Floc settles better;4) Less sensitivity to pH;5) Improved flocculation of organisms such as bacteria and algae.Anionic (-)1) Have a negative (-) charge2) Used primarily as a coagulant aid3) Increases floc size;4) Improve settling;5) Produce a stronger floc;6) Not materially affected by pH, alkalinity, hardness, or turbidityNonionic1) Balanced or neutral charge;2) Used as a primary coagulant or coagulant aid.Factors which affect how well a coagulant aid works1) Mixing conditions2) pH3) Alkalinity4) Water temperature5) Turbidity