What is similar from tv addiction and drug addiction?

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All addictions are very similar. That being said, different substances and or behaviors alter different parts and number of parts of the brain. Gaming and TV addicton are similar to all other addictions.
Food addiction alters 2 parts of the brain Alcohol and drugs alter 3 parts of the brain and sexual addiction including pornography addiction alters 5 parts of the brain.
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Why are drugs addictive?

Drugs are addictive because they either mimic or stimulate the production of brain chemicals that cause feelings of pleasure. After a period of time, your brain adjusts to the

Are drugs addictive?

Not all drugs are addictive, but many of them are.

What is drug addiction?

Compulsive and, at times, uncontrollable drug cravings and use. There are two kinds of addiction, physical and psychological, although most addicts exhibit both. Physical a

How does addiction to TV harm children?

I guess TV addiction has its positive and negative effects on children! The positive effect on the children is that on what they might watch might teach them a few morals (a n

How addictive are drugs?

Depends on the drug. It also depends on the individual. If you are more specific, I could provide you with a better answer.

What is a drug addict?

Legal drugs taken only as directed (not exceeded in dose) can cause drug dependency, which is different than being an addict. However, if the drug was stopped for a chemically

What can you do if you are addicted to drugs?

If you are addicted to drugs, you can: . Avoid the places where you usually get or use drugs. . If you are non-religious, go to a religion that strongly forbids drugs e.g

What does an addict do for drugs?

The Addict Eats The Drug. That is why they call the name- Drug Addict. I am not smart im really smart.

What are similar characteristics to addiction to drugs with addiction to a behavior such as gambling or the internet?

well i don't believe addiction the the internet is possible. personally i think its pretty dumb that people claim they are addicted to the computer. but anyway, gambling addic
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What is difference between drug addiction and tv addiction?

Actually, Not much at all! They both influence brain neurotransmitters in the brain. One of the most important being Dopamine. When too much dopamine is released over and over
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When do drugs get addictive -?

Drugs get addictive when a person consumes a quantity of it but notwhen a person consumes only a tiny amount.
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Why are drugs addiction?

Drugs are an addiction due to the effect that they have on thebrain and your body.