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What is size of Hawaii?

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Hawaii is the 43rd largest state with a total area of 10,931 square miles.

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6459 Square Miles is the size of Hawaii.

The largest county in Hawaii is Hawaii County.

The largest size county that is located in the state of Hawaii is Hawaii county. The county is approximately 4028 square miles.

Hawaii is the 43rd largest US State.

Hawaii is 28,311 square kilometers.

Hawaii is a US State and contains no countries.

Hawaii has an area o 10,931 square miles.

The smallest in size would be the state of Hawaii.

The island of Hawaii is 4,028 sq miles.

The largest is Hawaii County with 4,028 square miles.

the biggest volcano is Mauna Loa. It is in hawaii

It is 10,931 square miles.

Area: 2,187.08 km2................ Its about the size of the island of maui, hawaii.

The island of Hawaii is 4,028 sq miles (10,432 km²).

Hawaii ranks 43rd in size of all 50 states (larger than 7 of the New England states).

Maui, Hawaii is 727 sq miles (1,884 km²).

Japan it is the size of Montana

We Hawaii from nobody and we only paid $5 due to it's size!

Hawaii is neither the smallest state by population nor by size. The smllest state by populate is Wyoming. The smallest state by size is Rhode Island.

it is the 43 in size of all the states in the united states

2 cm of the size of the titanic

smallest to largest: Kahoolawe,Lani,Molokai,Kauai,Oahu,and last but not least Hawaii

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