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What is slang for knees Wheels are slang for feet?

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Dogs is slang for feet.

Wheels is slang for car.

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What does bee's knees mean in British slang?

Bee's knees is British slang for 'fabulous!'. For example: 'Cor ol'chap, that meal was the bee's knees!'

What is cockney rhyming slang for knees?

Biscuits and cheese

What is slang for something or someone wonderful in the 1920s?

The bee's knees.

What is slang word for automobile?

a ride, a whip, wheels

What does wheels mean coming from a guy?

Slang for car

What is a bike?

a mode of transport with two wheels and no engine.

What is the Irish meaning knees up?

This is not the most common slang, but it refers to a large party (commonly outdoors with dancing: hence "knees up")

What does the bee's knees mean?

This is an old (1920's) slang term that means "excellent."

What is a slang word for car?

Ride, Wheels, Whip, Buggy- i retract my answer as these words themselves are not "slang", unlike what chevy derived from . also car is slang for carriage.

What is the slang word for wool pajamas with feet?

The 'slang' for wool pajamas with feet are called footies or footy pajamas

What is the Slang for Plates of meat?

Plates of meat is rhyming slang for feet.

Why did they use the slang dogs for human feet?

It's believed to have started with rhyming slang - "dog's meat" meaning feet.

What does the saying bees knees mean?

The saying 'bees knees' is a popular slang term used by teens in an earlier time. The term often is used when referencing the 'awesomeness' of an individual.

Another word for hands and knees?

Arms and Feet

What are you always within 6 feet of?

your knees. (guessing!)

In anatomical position where are your feet in relation to your knees?


Who is Jacob Wuerth?

slang for stinky feet

Does tom Selleck have bad knees or flat feet?


What is slang for your feet?

In cockney rhyming slang it's "Plates of meat". Gunboats, trotters , hooves , dogs .

What does warm your dogs mean in slang?

Your "dogs" are your feet.

What is the meaning of dragging your feet?

its slang for walking slowly

When standing in the correct anatomical position your feet are in what relationships to your knees is it lateral medial distal Proximal?

The feet are distal to the knees in anatomical position. They are farther away from the origin of the leg than the knee is.

List from feet to head the six posture points?


What are some exercises for strengthening knees?

Stand a foot away from a wall with your feet a couple of feet apart and pointing slightly outwards. Slowly bend your knees and slide your back down the wall, and slowly come back up. Stop if you feel any pain in your knees.

When correctly situated in anatomical position where are your feet in relation to your knees?