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In Microsoft PowerPoint, slide design refers to the layout a slide has. A slide master and slide layouts can be used to make designing easier by applying elements and formatting automatically to presentations.


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it gives you different backgrounds for the slides

A new slide in a PowerPoint is a blank slide on which you can insert any information into your PowerPoint.

I don't know, but I think it may be a preset design for your PowerPoint slide.Love peace music 3d glassed bbe XXX

In Microsoft Powerpoint 2007,click on design on the top screen and click on one of the designs. This only works in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.To change the backround in Microsoft PowerPoint2007 you right click on the backround and go on format backround.

To get a new PowerPoint slide, click on "Insert" and then "New Slide." That should do it!

Text slide is an animation on text in PowerPoint. It can slide from top, button, left or right.

slide master in powerpoint is a template that contains preset layouts, colors and fonts for the powerpoint prensetation.

Not too much information on the actual slide, keep it in your notes.Consistent design.Put the most interesting facts on the slide.Not too many colors and distractions in the design.

A Powerpoint template is a design based on the Slide Master(s). The Slide Master controls the overall look, color, placement of text and other design elements that are common throughout the presentation. To access the Slide Master, choose View > Master > Slide Master in the pull-down menus at the top of your screen when a presentation is open. A true Powerpoint template will have the suffix of .pot rather than .ppt (pre-2007 versions). what is the meaning

click on the slide you want a back round for, then on the top row click design ad theres multiple designs for each slide.

On a mac powerpoint, you can control-click on a slide and go down to slide design, which lets you pick a scheme for all of your slides. Also, if you control-click and go to slide color scheme, you can pick colors and press apply to all. On a PC you can also do slide color scheme and slide design, but I'm not sure how to get there

The Title Slideslide oririentation

It is the title slide (it will be a tad bit different if you use a theme under the design tab). Some times it is also the master slide, but only if you set it like that.

In PowerPoint 2007, it is on the front page. It is adjacent to the new slide option.

The working area of slide in PowerPoint is the work space. It is the space in which the slide is created.

its to tell who is to read which slide i believe

Its an animation you apply on a slide alone.

Every PowerPoint slide is made up of series of elements. These elements are combined in a certain way in a slide.

Do u mean "PowerPoint?". If so, that is a, well basically a background with either stripes, circles, etc. All it is a a design for you slide show, that's really it...

You right click out of the slide, then click new slide

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