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Most likely scabies although they might be caused by eczema, heat rash or stress. Consult a Dermatologist.

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Small red itchy red bumps on feet and on lower back?


What are these small red bumps on my hands and feet they only come out when put in water?


What are the White itchy hard bumps on bottom of feet?

Same thing I have.

What causes bumps on your hands and feet?


What causes itchy water bumps on feet?

staying in the water too long can be a factor

What could explain small itchy bumps on the bottom of your feet?

This could be caused by a fungus, and might be helped by a an antifungal ointment or powder such as Tinactin or Undecylenic acid cream.

Can your dentures cause a itchy rash?

My wife breaks out in a visible itchy rash starting on hands and feet ,when she wears her dentures

What are red itchy bumps on feet and hand?

Sounds like Dyshidrosi. Click on the link below for info and photos.

What if your daughter has pus like bumps on her hands and feet only could this be chickenpox?

Bumps on hands and feet only is unlikely to be chickenpox. Coxsackievirus is a possibility. See your health care provider for definite diagnosis and treatment.

What causes red bumps on hands and feet?

syphilis or an alergic reaction google it

What is red itchy spots on hands and feet?

maybe it could be a rash or an allergic reaction

You just noticed that you have tiny skin color bumps on the top of your hands that itch time to time what could this be?

Tiny skin colored bumps on the hands, feet, or in between fingers or toes could be Dishydrosis. It is hereditary and not contagious. It has been linked to stress, diet, and sometimes excessive perspiration during times of stress. Typically, it will run it's course and go away on its own. It can range from small bumps to dry, itchy, scaley bumps that can crack and ooze. There is no cure, but can be treated with some simple household items. Many extreme case pictures and known remedies can be found online.

What might be wrong if you have itchy bumps on your hands and feet?

It could be Dyshidrotic eczema. With this condition, you could have:Clear blistersRed, cracked skinScaly skinIt could also be other conditions. See your doctor or dermatologist.

What causes small hard bumps under the feet?

plantar's warts

What causes red bumps on hands and feet they start out purple the they turn red?

A Rash, Hives, Or an Infection.

Why are our feet bigger than are hands?

if you had small feet you cannot walk properly.

Why do pregnant women get itchy skin?

The skin on the belly hands or feet may itch during pregnancy because of the skin stretching.

What are Small fine itchy blisters on the soles of your feet?

a tumor :Da tumor :Da tumor :D

What are the bumps beneath your feet. Different places and come randomly?

sore bumps at top of feet.

You have tiny red bumps on hands and bottom of my feet what could it be?

Could be celiac disease. I have it, changed my diet and has cleared up. Go get tested!!!!!

What causes itchy feet?

The most common cause of itchy feet is athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a fungal and bacterial infection that is contagious.

What are some rashes that are itchy on feet?


Why are there so many small bones in the hands and feet?

So your fingers can do many things

Itchy burning sensation on your hands and feet and in your mouth followed along with red dots What is wrong with you?

If you are experiencing itchy, burning sensations followed by red dots in your mouth, you may be having an allergic reaction. Seek medical attention immediately as this can be life threatening.

Why itchy feet - red toes - hot feet?