What is smelling metal a symptom of?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Metal smelling.....

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Q: What is smelling metal a symptom of?
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Is smelling metal a symptom of pregnancy?


Is smelling bacon a symptom of something?

Smelling bacon is a symptom of delicious breakfast syndrome. This syndrome has been known to cause fat people. Go to the gym to avoid this happening.

Does the urine smell sweet during pregnancy?

if you have developed gestational diabetes it can. sweet smelling urine is a symptom of diabetes.

Why poop smells like metal?

It might have blood in it (copper is the metal you are smelling). You should get it checked out.

If feces smells like fish what is this?

It means you have too much time on your hands, or you have a fetish smelling your own flavor. No, it actually could be a symptom of a Cholera infection.

Is sweet smelling CM during the two week wait a sign of early pregnancy?

Hello there - A increase in CM is a sign of pregnancy along with all the other pregnancy symptoms. I have never heard of sweet smelling CM being a symptom of pregnancy. Good luck TTC. :o)

Why can you sometimes smell cheese?

Some cheeses do give off a strong odor, so yes you can smell cheese sometimes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next time you visit your Doctor you should tell him/her about this experience of smelling cheese as smelling things that other people can not (ie things that are not there), can be a symptom of somehting wrong with your head.

What is cloudy strong-smelling urine a symptom of?

most likely a urinary tract infection. (infection in the tubes and stuff that lead to your bladder) or an infection in your actual bladder. DRINK CRANBERRY JUICE! not so much caffeine. if you don't drink caffeine and still havea urinary tract infection go to the doctor. hope this helps. -Brittany

What are common symptoms of kidney stones?

A common symptom is intense pain in back and sides, below the ribs. Another is discolored and/or foul smelling urine. Having to urinate more often is also common

Could the smell a vomit in the morning be a sinus infection?

No, smelling vomit is not a symptom of a sinus infection. Some symptoms of a sinus infections include stuffed up nose, sore throat, swollen glands, and headache.

Can you get a metal taste in your mouth when pregnant within a week of conceiving and that be the only symptom?

Symptoms normally occur at 2 weeks at the earliest, but since this is a very common symptom, you could be pregnant. Is there any way that you could have gotten pregnant before then?

Is it normal to have white discharge in early pregnancy?

Yes very normal. In fact its a pregnancy symptom.