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What is sms in you phone?

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SMS (Short Message Service)is the text messaging component of a cellular mobile phone; allows cellphones to send or recieve text messages

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If SMS is disabled for your phone you cannot send MMS

Yes, you certainly may save SMS pc to your phone. You can use mobclient, for instance, to perform this service for you and save SMS PC to your mobile phone.

Can devorce be done by hearing it on phone or receving it on sms

IM stands for Instant Messaging where as SMS stands for Short Message Service And, SMS is going phone number to phone number. so if i know your phone number, i can sms you can you can sms me back without having to log into our IM accounts, etc.

i am geting premium sms on my voda phone phone and they are takeing money off me how do i go about that ??

Apple makes a sms device called the iPhone. This will allow you to do everything another cell phone can do including sms messages.

One may send an SMS message to a Sprint phone by simply using the SMS feature of the sending phone. The sender of the message does need to know what network or brand of phone they are sending the message to.

No - your SMS number is different to your mobile phone number (although texts still get to your phone). If you check your phone's settings - you'll see your SMS number listed under 'Service centre'

The first SMS message - "Merry Christmas" was sent in 1992 from a PC to a mobile phone. Mobile to mobile SMS were first offered in Finland in 1993, when Nokia offered the first phone capable of sending SMS.

You can use SMS messaging on most smart phones. Your carries will need to turn on the SMS messaging feature on your phone in order to use this service. If your phone is not a smart phone, you may not be able to get this service.

No you do not need a special cell phone. SMS text is a basic vertion that almost all cell phone are manfactured useing. For sms text not to work you would have to be useing a cell phone from the early 90's

One can send SMS messages for free if the phone has internet. If the phone has an internet, one can use applications such as What's up and viber and send SMS messages for free.

No. SMS is a cell phone application. Instant Messaging is primarily a computer function, but some IM programs have an SMS gateway that allows Instant Messaging from your cell phone. No. SMS is a cell phone application. Instant Messaging is primarily a computer function, but some IM programs have an SMS gateway that allows Instant Messaging from your cell phone.

You cannot get SMS alerts on your phone via Gmail. However you can get the mails if you want. You can download Gmail app and sync it with your phone.

The only US carrier I know of is Cincinnati Bell, They have a service called Smart Phone that allows SMS messages to be send and received from SMS capable home phones.

It is possible to convert uninor 2G to 3G via SMS. To do this, you must send all SMS on your phone to the number 58355 with the command SMS ALL.

Use MMS. Its the same as sending an sms message. You use mms instead of sms

In the context of text messages on your mobile phone, SMS stands for Short Message Service. In the military, SMS stands for Senior Master Sergeant.

When someone reads out the SMS for you. Or if your phone has the function to read out SMS's out loud for example the Nokia N82

Yes you can email a photo using an SMS mobile phone. You just need to attach the photo file before you send it.

I don't think any of the cell phone companies offer free SMS, as they all require some payment for your plan. So even if they say SMS is "unlimited or free" you are still paying for it.

One good website for all types of funny SMS can be found in the link below.

All Mobile Phone Text Message SMS services are instant.

This phone is not compatible with go sms pro i know its an android but its not an up to date android that gets go sms pro

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