What is sodium polyacrylate?

Sodium Polyarilate is a chemical that is used for many resons sometimes its called waterlock but u won't find many people using that name.It is used for: 1-cleaning up vomit 2-Science 3-in dipers, pads Ect. and there may be more i dont know. Also it can hold 400* more water than its weight and salt will make it unlock.

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Sodium polyacrylate is a synthetic polymer made up of one repeating formula, linked together in a long flexible chain. It is capable of holding up to 400-500 times its weight in water. It has a variety of industrial uses ranging from laundry detergent and fake snow to baby diapers and even a maximum absorbent garment used by NASA! It starts out as a white powder substance, and when mixed with water becomes a clear gel material. However, it can be liquefied by adding salt to the gel material. It can also be dried out and and reused to make another batch of gel - or fake snow - by adding water to it again. Anyone can buy it at a pretty low cost online. And it doesn't take much powder to get a pile of gel. Check it out! It's pretty cool! >>By the way...you can see a demonstration of its use on youtube.