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I live in Michigan and currently have a one piece Viking Fiberglass Pool that I purchased from Midwest Pools in Grand Blanc. I have owned concrete and vinyl lined pools in my past homes and had nothing but nightmares to contend with. Fiberglass is much easier and cheaper to maintain.

I also live in Michigan but purchased a fiberglass pool from Aquamarine Pools. It is a Leisure Pool and we absolutely love it!!! Besides the Pool Aquamarine was very professional and would recommend the company to anyone who wants to purchase a fiberglass pool. Very knowledgeable

If you want to purchase a fiberglass pool from Midwest Pools and have another company put it in you might be alright, but NEVER, EVER sign a contract with Midwest Pool for installation of a pool. We were promised by our salesman that we'd be swimming in 3-4 weeks (it took 10 weeks), we were never told that they would obliterate our back yard and leave it covered in yards of dirty and gravel, they installed our pool 5 1/2 further from our fence that it was supposed to be, took down our fence and gates (said they would put them back up) and are now trying to weasel out of it, and totally wrecked the sprinkler system in our back yard (salesman told us there would be "minimal damage" and that it could be spliced together. This company is a total joke. I wouldn't recommend anyone sign a contract with them, period!

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Q: What is some advice or opinions on fiberglass pools?
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Which swimming pools are better Fiberglass swimming pools or cement swimming pools?

Fiberglass pools are less susceptible to having problems with the finish if your water chemistry is off. They do tend to have some problems with warping that you won't have with a cement pool. The fiberglass liner is usually cheaper also.

Do fiberglass pools have ripples on the bottom after they are installed?

Under no condition do fiberglass pools have "ripples" on the bottom after they are installed. Of course, the pool could have been damaged in some way, then improperly repaired, before or after it was installed.

Many of our friends water temp in their Vinyl pool is approx 80 degrees right now. We have a Fiberglass pool temp is appr 72 degrees. Do vinyl pools heat up faster than fiberlass pools?

My guess is that your fiberglass pool is white (attracts less sunlight) and your friends' vinyl pools are blue or some other darker color, which attract more sunlight, therefore making them warmer.

Are dark bottom pools safe?

Yes they are, seeing the bottom of a dark bottomed pool is not difficult at all contrary to the opinions of some

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How do you Remove bathtub rings from fiberglass pools?

Your local pool shop will have products specifically designed for this. it is best to avoid some of the laundry detergents that you may have laying around as these are loaded with phosphates and will act as a feed for algae.

Are more people more likely to be productive and successful when they ignore the opinions of others?

Not all the time, some advice can be good and some bad, it not really that black and white!!

What is better a fiberglass pool or a concrete pool?

A concrete pool keeps looking better for longer and will outlast a fibreglass pool. Fibreglass pool maufacturers offer guarantees of between 10-20 years. This gives some idea of the longevitiy of fibreglass pools. Fibreglass pools have the following advantages: 1. Easier to install than concrete pools 2. More inert to chemicals and thus require less maintenance and cost than concrete pools 3. Easier to clean than tiles pools

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Some Crunch Fitness gyms have pools. Generally, some locations in larger cities have pools. In addition to pools, these locations also have water fitness classes available.

What are some of the fibreglass made from?


What are some pool construction places in Ohio?

Some pool construction places that are located in Ohio are; Edwards Pools of Ohio, Qs Pools, Waters Edge Pools, Ohio Pool Builders, and Anchor Pools to name a few.

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What are some of the benefits of swimming pools in ground as opposed to the other swimming pools?

In ground swimming pools are usually bigger than above ground pools. Although rather more expensive, in ground pools will last longer than above ground pools.

What is the material of propeller shaft?

Some are steel, some aluminum, and some are fiberglass.

What cleaning supplies should be used on a fiberglass boat?

A sponge and some fiberglass sealers works the best on a fiberglass boat. There are other fiberglass cleaning material available depending on what your particular need is. For just basic cleaning, I would go with the sponge and fiberglass sealer.

Where can one purchase some fiberglass grating?

A person can purchase some fiberglass grating from several different retailers. Some of these retailers include Grainger Industrial Suppy, ZORO Tools, and Drillspot.

IS Fiberglass lined vessel is suitable to stored 8.5 pH liquid chemical?

Depending on the chemical; some compounds can attack fiberglass.

Are swimming pool ladders made of fiberglass?

Some can be. They are usually made of metal and plastic. I have seen a few fiberglass ladders though.

Do all swimming ponds need a liner?

No, not all pools. Some pools are made of tile.

Is salt used in swimming pools?

It is used in some pools, but not others. Chlorine is used as well.

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Can you use salt water system with any swimming pool?

Yes and no. Most inground plaster, fiberglass, and vinyl pools are compatible BUT older pool equipment such as heaters with copper heat exchangers and some pool ladders and screws on skimmers and light niches might need to be upgraded to materials that won't readily corrode or be degraded. Newer pools usually have such equipment already but it is best to check. Also, some inground pools build with some types of natural local rock (often limestone in parts of Texas) have reported problems with salt pools so salt systems should not be used or the rock work will need to be sealed on a regular basis to help protect it. Many steel walled above ground pools also are not compatible with salt systems because of corrosion issues.

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