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What is some recommended software for children?


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Software for children

Notable children's game companies include Brøderbund Software, Humongous Entertainment, Edmark, and Dorling Kindersley.
The following list of software is sorted roughly by target ages, young to old:

  • BabySmash - Scott Hanselman
  • KeyWack X - Holy Mackeral (for Macs only)
  • Alphabet, shapes and colors - Klango
  • Danny's First Program - All-American Kidware
  • Mickey's ABC - Disney
  • The Playroom - Broderbund
  • Bailey's Book House / Millie's Math House / Sammy's Science House - Edmark
  • Living Books series - Broderbund. Many titles available, Just Grandma and Me is great.
  • KidPix - Broderbund
  • The Humongous Series - Putt-Putt, Fatty Bear, Spy Fox, and Freddi Fish - Humongous
  • Freddi KidDesk - Edmark
  • The Manhole - Cyan
  • JumpStart Toddlers - JumpStart
  • The Way Things Work - Dorling Kindersley
  • Logical Journey of the Zoombinis - Broderbund
  • The Amazing Writing Machine - Broderbund
  • Magic School Bus - Scholastic
  • Reader Rabbit - The Learning Company
  • Math Blaster - Knowledge Adventure
  • The Oregon Trail - MECC
  • Carmen Sandiego - Broderbund
  • Sim Town - Maxis
  • Sim Tower - Maxis
  • Dinopark Tycoon - MECC
  • Typing tutor - ms


You can even try the Kidwidget from astoundit, it's really nice and it is cheap too.


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