What is something interesting about half life?

Human life is a Gift of God,it is more that life is temporary for human,because real life will start after death permanently.Most of people have many intentions and purpose about whole life some of have about half life,if you divide human life into two pieces one is related to only personal life other is related to family ,contribution of both pieces should be equal.
When you are young seek a prop of life by joining in some relations,like friends,children,and family members,main half life starts when you make marriage ,prior to marry your life becomes free of many responsibilities,you enjoy yourself by indulging in many recreation and amusement,making friends,outing,shopping and many more only to enjoy freedom of life which is the half part of your life.
Other interesting half life is consisted on seeking a relation for marriage,where you look like a smart and assumed the shape of bridegroom,which is an interesting part of your life .