What is something very fine?

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How do you mince something?

Mincing is very fine chopping--like relish.

What does walloping mean?

Walloping means something is large or huge. It could also men fine or impressive. Walloping means Very fine; impressive or Very large; huge.

What does the french word fin means in English?

It can mean - the end or something that is very clever or fine or thin

What is the difference between fine to you and fine by you?

'Fine to you' suggests that 'you' think something is all right. 'Fine by you' is substandard, borrowed from Yiddish, and means that 'you' are agreeing with something happening.

What is the meaning of 'fine lines'?

A "fine line" means that you are very close from doing something acceptable to doing something wrong, unacceptable, or immoral. EXAMPLES: "There is a fine line between drinking with your friends every night and being an alcoholic." "There is a fine line between speaking your mind and being a bitch." "There is a fine line between being careful of everything you do and being neurotic."

Very fine sedaments called?

Very fine sediments are known as silt.

What are very fine sediments called?

Very fine sediments are called loess

What are Grades for circulated silver dollar coins?

about good, good, very good, fine, very fine, and extra fine.

What happens if a cell membrane is pierced with a very fine needle?

It leaves a very fine hole.

What is fine manipulation?

it is something what you focus on

What does fine in 1970 slang mean?

The word fine was used to describe something or someone as pretty. "The actress is a fine fox!"

What is dust and soot?

Dust is very fine particles of soil or ash and soot is very fine particles of carbon.

What is the fine focus of a microscope?

the fine focus is used to get your specimen in clear sight you can move it very very slowly to do this

What is the value of Green Lantern 76?

10)GEM MINT $30,000.00 - (9.9)MINT $20,000.00 - (9.8)NEAR MINT/MINT $10,000.00 (9.6)NEAR MINT + $7,500.00 (9.4)NEAR MINT $5,000.00 (9.2)NEAR MINT - $4,000.00 (9)VERY FINE/NEAR MINT $3,500.00 (8.5)VERY FINE + $3,000.00 (8)VERY FINE $2,500.00 (7.5)VERY FINE - $2,000.00 (7)FINE/VERY FINE $1,500.00 (6.5)FINE + $1,000.00 (6)FINE $900.00 (5.5)FINE - $700.00 (5)VERY GOOD/FINE $600.00 (4.5)VERY GOOD + $500.00 (4)VERY GOOD $400.00 (3.5)VERY GOOD - $350.00 (3)GOOD/VERY GOOD $300.00 (2.5)GOOD + $250.00 (2)GOOD $200.00 (1.8)GOOD - $150.00 (1.5)FAIR/GOOD $100.00 (1)FAIR $50.00 (0.5)POOR $25.00

Did Shakespeare study processing?

What type of processing? He very probably learned something about processing animal skins into fine leather, since that was his father's business.

How is it possible that Maine has a coastline 2400 miles long?

If you have something that's very crinkly, and then measure it with something that's fine enough to get into every wrinkle, then you can pack in a lot of distance over a short stretch.

Very fine sediments called?

Very fine sediment is known as silt, though may be commonly called mud.

How do you get scratches out of copper?

VERY, Very Fine emery cloth

How can you change very very fine in to an affix?


Is it fine to touch your girlfriend's butt after five months?

It's fine after a certain amount of time, the best thing is to make sure it's fine though, don't do something that's against her will or something that makes her uncomfortable.

What is the idiom fine tune?

It means to perfect something, finishing it to a very high standard. It can mean to try to get something that is difficult to be as accurate as possible. It is often used when a task is nearly complete and the last stages are what will make it perfect.

Is bow wow souljaboy's real brother?

no but in my opinion bowwow we be very fine like sojia boy he fine but not real fine

Who is minnie riperton?

a very fine singer

How popular is anne fine?

she is very popular

What is the very fine rain called?