What is something you do that starts with the letter B?

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People bake, bat, bathe, beg, behave, bet, bite and blush. They also boast, borrow, bounce, box, breathe, broadcast, brush, budget and buy.
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Something you wear starts with letter a?

· Adidas sneakers · angora sweater · ankle socks · argyle sweater · army fatigues · apron · art smock · athletic socks · Austin Reed suit · anklet · armband

What is something that starts with the letter 'x'?

If you wanted an animal that starts with 'x' then I can answer your question. There is a dog breed called a Xoloitzcuintli (show-loe-eets-quin-tlee). There is the xylophone if you wanted anything. Hope that answers your question!

Something that takes batteries that starts with B?

Barbie Girls MP3 Player. I have one. It's this cute MP3 player for girls and it's totally cool. It's just like a doll that can play music. You could change its clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, and face. How neat is that? The best part? You could use it to unlock EVERYTHING in www.barbiegirls.com ( Full Answer )

Something in the bedroom that starts with the letter A?

A-line skirt, Adidas sneakers, Air Jordan shoes, angora sweater,ankle socks, anklet, argyle sweater, Armani jeans, athletic shoes,athletic socks, Austin Reed suit and Avarcas sandals are clothingitems found in the bedroom.

What is something you can do that starts with b?

Answer : Behave to all people. Answer : The prophet Gordon B. Hinckley can help you with that one. His 6 B's: 1. Be grateful. 2. Be smart. 3. Be clean. 4. Be true. 5. Be humble. 6. Be prayerful . Answer : Bake a cake. Brush your hair. Bathe. Bounce a ball. Balance your ( Full Answer )

What is something in nature that starts with letter A?

Alyssum, amaranthus, azalea,amaryllis, anemone, anthurium, allium drumstick, aster, avens,African violet, alcea, agapanthus and alstroemeria are flowers innature that begin with the letter a.

A large group of something starts with a b?

A busload would describe a largegroup of people. A body of knowledge describes a large collectionof information. A large group of clams or oysters is called abed.

What is something in the ocean that starts with the letter A?

Abalone (from Spanish Abulón) are medium-sized to very large edible sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Haliotidae and the genus Haliotis. Common names for abalones also include ear-shells, sea-ears and Venus's-ears, as well as muttonfish or muttonshells in Australia, ormer in Je ( Full Answer )

Something that start with b?

Baboon, balloon, banana, baseball,baton, bear, bible, bikini, bird, blanket, blouse, bottle, box,brick, bridge, bucket, bug, bullet, bus, butterfly and button areobjects. They begin with the letter b.

What is something you shout that starts with the letter b?

Here is a list that makes sense: Bye! Bravo! Boo! Be right back! Be good! Beautiful! Bingo! Boom! Be quite! Babe! Baby Girl! Baby Boy! Baby! Back off! Bacon! Bad! Bedtime! Bee! Belly dance! Beware! Big bugs! Bless the Lord! Bless you! Bloody Murder! B ( Full Answer )

Something that you wear starting with b?

baseball cap . bomber jacket . blazer . Bermuda shorts . bathing cap . bathing suit . boots . belt . biking shorts . bell bottoms . bracelet . beads . bandana . bobby socks . bikini . beach cover-up . bathrobe . ball gown . baseball uniform . basketball uniform . bowling shoes . ( Full Answer )

What is something that starts with b found in a bathroom?

Bandages, bathmat, bath towels,bidet and bubble bath are things found in the bathroom. Additionalitems include bacteria, Benadryl, bath towels, blush makeup, BurmaShave and blood pressure medication.

Something you wear starts with a letter b?

boots bib belt barrette?. Boxers (underwear) Bra, Brassiere (underwear) Bolero (short jacket) Bermuda shorts Booties (shoes) Bustier (underwear) Boyshorts (underwear) Bucket hat (hat) Bandanna bracelet, bangles (accessories) Bloomers (underwear) Bustle (under part of ski ( Full Answer )

What is something you do starting with the letter A?

You just did. "Ask a question". . act in a community theatre group ask someone out answer the phone accept an offer assemble a new toy or piece of furniture advertise an item you wish to sell accumulate junk in the basement abstain from meat during lent accompany someone on a trip ( Full Answer )

Something moving that starts with the letter I?

iguana . iceberg . ice cream truck . iceboat . ice hockey player . ibis (a bird) . an ice skater . an Impala (car) . an impala (the animal) . an inchwork . an infant . an insect . an Irish setter (a dog) . an Irish wolfhound (a dog)

Something you eat starting with the letter b?

broccoli, bacon, banana, beans, beets, bleu cheese, blueberries, bread, butter, barbecue sauce, basil, blood oranges, berries, brownies burritos, biscuits, buns, boysenberries, blackberries, bundt cake, bologna, brie, bagels, brussel sprouts, baked beans, bison (yep, you can eat it), bell pepper, ba ( Full Answer )

Something that starts with the letters hept?

6-letter words heptad 7-letter words heptads, heptane, heptose 8-letter words heptagon, heptanes, heptarch, heptoses 9-letter words heptagons, heptarchs, heptarchy 10-letter words heptachlor, heptagonal, heptameter 11-letter words heptachlors, heptameters, heptarchie ( Full Answer )

Something to do that starts with the letter G?

· gather · gaze · generate · get · give · glow · glue · gnash · gnaw · go · govern · grab · graduate · grate · grease · greet · grin · grind · grip · groan · grow · guarantee · guard ( Full Answer )

What is Something you can wear that starts with a b?

Bra. . bathing suit . bath robe . bell bottoms . boot-cut pants . blouse . blazer . bermuda shorts . ball gown . beret . bomber jacket . boxer shorts . button-down shirt . baseball cap, baseball uniform . basketball uniforn . bikini . bobby socks . bandana . bow tie . ballet slip ( Full Answer )

What is something found in the bedroom that starts with the letter B?

· bean bag chair · bed · bookcase · bunk bed · baby bonnet · bandanna · baseball cap · Bass shoes · bathing suit · bathrobe · beret · Bermuda shorts · bib · bikini · biretta · blazer · bloomers · blouse  ( Full Answer )

What are somethings you wear that start with the letter b?

blouse bermuda shorts bell bottoms bathrobe bra bobby socks biking shorts body suit beret bathing suit, bikini bomber jacket baseball uniform, basketball uniform, etc. belt bracelet blazer button down shirt beard braces boiled wool jacket blue jeans

What is something you do that starts with b?

· bake · bat · bathe · battle · beg · behave · bite · bleed · blink · blush · boast · borrow · breathe · brush · budget · build · bury · buy

What is something that starts with the letter v?

· vacancy · vacation · van · vane · vase · vat · vegetable · veil · vein · verse · vertebra · vessel · vest · veto · view · village · violin · visitor · vita · vodka · voice · void ( Full Answer )

What is something that starts with a B in Spanish?

· barco (boat) · biblioteca (library) · blusa (blouse) · bajo (short height) · barato (cheap) · bendito (blessed) · bienvenido (welcome) · bilingue (bilingual) · bonito (pretty) · bruto (brute) · bueno (good) · buenos días (good morning ( Full Answer )