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How can something exist that has no beginning?

He who He There's no existence if there's no beginning its just like an analogy of cause and effect. God claims that He is the beginning, so He is the first cause and the effect is the creation. He is self existence and self sustaining entity. Answer Its quite simply the nature of the human m ( Full Answer )

What is Something you do that begins with an a?

Answer . aerobics . Answer . Answer the phone. Always respect others. Answer a question on WikiAnswers. Arrive at work on time. Await your turn in a queue. Adventure holidays. Av a nice day now!

Something found in the kitchen beginning with a?

Things found in the kitchen beginning with A include:. apron. apples. avocado. allspice. appliance. apricot. almonds. all-purpose flour. ahi tuna. acorn squash. All-Bran cereal. Alpen cereal. Apple Jacks cereal. aluminum foil. alfalfa. asparagus. aspic. Arctic char

What is something you wear that begins with a c?

Coat, collar....continued..... clothes lol Condoms something that we wear that starts with the letter "c" is coat you can wear a/an....................coatcapcapri . coat . cape . clogs . cap . cowl neck . crew neck . costume . camisole . culottes . capri pants . chinos . corset . car ( Full Answer )

What is something you eat that begins with M?

Something you eat that begins with M: . macadamia nuts . macaroons . mackerel . mango . maple syrup . marble cake . marinade . marmalade . Marshmallow. . Maryland crabs . marzipan . mayonnaise . A meal. . meat pie . melon . meringue . millet . mint . mincemeat . minute steak . ( Full Answer )

Something you were beginning with m?

mini dress . mittens . mini skirt . muffler (synonym for scarf) . mink coat . maternity dress . maillot (woman's one piece bathing suit) . muumuu (traditional Hawaiian dress) . moccasins . mukluks (type of winter boots) . mask . mouth guard

Something you drink beginning with R?

Red Bull . root beer . raspberry smoothie . rum . Rolling Rock Beer . Reunite Wine . Royal Crown Cola . Ruby Red grapefruit juice

Something you drink that begins with n?

· Natural Light Beer · nectarine juice · Nehi · Nescafe · Nestea · Nestle Quick · Newcastle Brown Ale · nightcap

Something you wear beginning with f?

feather boa. flared jeans. flight suit. fire fighters coat, hat, etc.. floor length gown. flippers (for swimming). fleece jacket, fleece vest, etc.. a flower (in one's hair). fishing hat. fez (type of hat). flannel shirt

Something you play with beginning with R?

a recorder (a musical instrument). rummy (a card game). Risk (a board game). Red Rover (children's playground game) . Rock 'n Roll . record (going old school) . Russian Roulette (NOT RECOMMENDED OR CONDONED) .

Something you wear begins with H?

People wear halter top, hat, Hawaiian shirt, headband, helmet, high heels, high top sneakers, hiking boots, hip huggers, hood, hosiery, hospital gown, hot pants, housecoat, Hush Puppy shoes, hair net, hairpiece (wig or toupee), handcuffs and a holster. They begin with the letter h.

Name something beginning with v?

These begin with V:. vacuum . violin . vest . vampire . vixen (female fox) . viper (snake) . vole (small mammal) . vase . vise (a tool that holds an object) . virtue . victory . vision . virtual memory . vital signs . vine . valley . vinegar . viking . villain . valuables . vaca ( Full Answer )

What is Something you where that begins with the letter k?

A KIT is the personal clothing of a soildier. says in the dictionary. that was really easy.. A KIT is the personal clothing of a soildier. says in the dictionary. that was really easy.. khaki shirts/shorts/skirts

Something you wear that begin with letter A?

\nThe word you want is probably "apparel." A good place to look for this kind of thing is Thesaurus.com. You put in the word you know, say, in this case "clothes." Out will pop a bunch of synonyms. You will find your words there.

What is Something you were that begins with the letter d?

Things to wear beginning with D:. dress . diaper . duster (long coat) . dungarees (old word for jeans) . diamond ring, necklace, earrings etc. . dark glasses . driving gloves . Dickie's work pants and other clothing . dude rag . diving suit

Something you do beginning with an a?

Act, allay, annoy, answer, appreciate, anticipate, aerate, adjudicate, aggravate, aim, ameliorate, amplify, annex, apply, assist, attack, attend, attribute, awaken, axe. Take your pick.

Something you eat beginning with i?

· ice cream · ice cream cone · ice tea · iceberg lettuce · Idaho potatoes · Italian sausage

Something you do that begins with o?

· obey · object · observe · occupy · officiate · open · operate · orchestrate · ordain · order · organize · overdraw · overestimate · overpower · oversleep · own

Something to wear that begins with a j?

· jacket · jammies · jeans · jersey · jockey shorts · jumpsuit · Johnson & Murphy shoes · jumper · jewelry

Something your wear that begins with letter a?

· Adidas sneakers · angora sweater · ankle socks · argyle sweater · army fatigues · apron · art smock · athletic socks · Austin Reed suit · anklet · armband · alb

What are something beginning with the letter j?

· jacket · jackhammer · jackpot · jaguar · jail · jailor · jammies · jar · javelin · jaw · jawbone · jay · jeans · jeep · jello · jelly · jellyroll · jellyfish · jet · jewelry · jukebox  ( Full Answer )

Something you drink that begins with g?

· Gatorade · gimlet · gin · gin and tonic · ginger ale · Grand Marnier · grape juice · grapefruit juice · Guinness beer

What is something that begins with K?

Something that begins with K could be a kite, a kettle, a kitten, the kitchen, a kiss, a koala, a kangaroo, a kayak, your knees or your knuckles.

What are somethings that begin with the letter you?

Some things (nouns) that begin with U are: . U-boat . ukulele . umbrella . umpire . uncle . underwear . underwriter . undertaker . unguent . unicorn . upshot . urchin . urge . urn . user . usher . Utah . utensil . uterus . utopia

What is something you can read the begin with H?

Some things you can read that begin with H are: history, Hamlet, headline, Herald, Harper's, Harvard Review, horoscope, how-to books, hygiene tips, high fashion, haute couture, handy-man books, Hatchet