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What is specification?

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an act of describing or identifying something precisely or of stating a precise requirement.

"give a full specification of the job advertised"

synonyms: statement, identification, definition, description, setting out, framing, designation, detailing, enumeration; More stipulation, prescription "the clear specification of objectives"

2015-11-12 01:29:17
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What is the difference between system specification and a software specification?

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What is animal specification?

Specification of animals.

What is an employee specification?

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What are the specification of video card?

your face is the specification

What is the meaning of specification?

given something specific is a specification.

A sample of table of specification?

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What A1A means in case piping specification?

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How about the detail specification of NdYVO4 crystal?

See a specification at this link.

What are the costs a company can face when there is over-specification?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of job specification?

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What is a brief and specification?

specification means to be accurate. A brief is a lesson or an explanation.

Can you use ford brake fluid in a Chevrolet and visa versa?

If it has the same DOT specification.If it has the same DOT specification.

What is another term for technical specification?

The other term for Technical specification is CONFIGURATION

What are the purpose of a design specification when designing and manufacturing a product?

Purpose of a Design Specification

What is specification of drilling machine?

the specification of a drill machine is the diameter of the hole it can make.

Comparison between BS and ASTM specification for steel rebars?

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Specification of hydraulic Jack?

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How you write software requirement specification for school management system?

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What are the advantage and disadvantages of having both requirements specification and requirements definition?

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What is difference between software Requirement Specification and user requirement specification in software?

Software requirement specifications include both installation and maintenance requirements, and functional aspects of software that a user needs. User requirement specification in software is the specifications about functional and user interface specification.

What are the characteristics of a good specification?

There are quite a few characteristics that make a good specification. A good specification must include the concept of clarity and conciseness in it. The specs should be easily understandable for a lay person.

What is the synonym for specification?


What is Battery specification for a Kia spectra?

size and specification of starter battery for kia spectra 1600 cc eng.

What to do if you find out that the auxiliary apparatus to be installed is not according to specification?

I would complain and insist that the apparatus is changed to meet specification.

What is specification point?

That would depend on the context in which the words "specification point" were used. It may mean the part of a process in which the design was finalised, or it may be a point made in a specification process. There are probable other interpretations as well.