What is squaw bread?

Squaw bread is a rye and molasses bread* that was developed by the combination of the Germans (the folks to whom most of my research pointed when trying to determine this) who immigrated to the US in the 1800's and the Native Americans near whom they lived.

When some of the Germans chose to move west they took with them seeds for rye and recipes from their homeland. They turned to the Native Americans for substitutions for the ingredients to which they no longer had access.

The word "squaw" which once meant "woman" has changed over the last couple of centuries and is now considered a serious insult. Some people, Native American and not, even believe it to mean "vagina", so though the entomology is not clear, think of the word "squaw" as you would any other racial insult. Because of this, the name of the bread is changing slowly. The new names that are being used for this bread are "Indian Princess Bread" and "Indian Maiden Bread."

*this bread is NOT the same as Indian Fry Bread.