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Q: What is stamp ALPAC on jewelry mean?
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What does 950 stamped on jewelry mean?

There is not a stamp for jewelry that is 950. The stamp is .925 and it means the jewelry is sterling silver

What does a CP stamp on jewelry mean?

A CP stamp on jewelry means commercially pure. If an item is titanium and has a CP stamp, it would mean commercially pure titanium.

What does jewelry stamp MW4 mean?

What does MW4 mean?

What does the stamp 9KCZ mean on jewelry?


What does 825 stamp on jewelry mean?

Well. 825 stamp on jewelry it is silver alloys; like 725 or 925 stamp is the same silver alloys. Sincerely: L.L.E.P.

What does jewelry stamp 989 mean?

It stands for 22kt

What does the stamp 385 mean on jewelry?

9k gold

What does 315 stamp mean on jewelry?

Stamped 315

What does the stamp BZ mean on jewelry?

BZ Bolzano

What does stamp 58 mean on jewelry?

On a swarovski ring, the stamp 58 refers to its size (large).

Is all jewelry stamped?

Not always the jewelry is stamped, however, no stamp doesnt mean it is not genuine.

What does it mean if a silver bracelet has a 925 and a 127 stamp?

The 925 stamp mean the jewelry made from 92.5 percent silver.

What does 926 mean on jewlery?

On jewelry the 926 stamp typically means the piece of jewelry is made from 22 karat gold. This stamp is usually found on Italian made pieces of jewelry.

What does the stamp hds on jewelry mean?

Helzberg Diamond Store

What does the stamp HOB on jewelry mean?

It means HOUSE Of Bangles!

What does a F stamp mean on jewelry?

90% sterling silver

What does BR sun stamp mean on jewelry?

kind of ring is this

What does stamp QGI mean on jewelry?

quality gold inc

What does jewelry stamp 744 959 mean?

what does 959 mean

What does the stamp SW mean on jewelry?

What does SW mean in a horseshoe gold ring

What does BR stamp on jewellery mean?

What does sun BR mean on a jewelry

What is the stamp 729 on jewelry?

What is 729 stamp on jewelry

What does a xp stamp on jewelry mean?

The "XP" stamp is the signature of the factory that made it. It has no bearing on what it is actually made of.

In gold what does a 926 stamp mean?

It is important to understand the markings on jewelry. A 926 stamp in gold means that the jewelry is 92.6% pure gold.

What does BR stamp mean on jewelry?

Typically such letters are the initials of the person who designed and/or made the jewelry item.