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Starvation is a very serious form of malnutrition characterized by a deficiency in nutrients, vitamins, and energy. People can experience this as a result of food deprivation or because of diseases which cause disorders of metabolism which interfere with the ability to absorb nutrients. If the underlying cause is not corrected, starvation can lead to death. Historically, this issue has been a significant problem in many human cultures and it continues to be one today in some regions of the world.

People can experience starvation because of war, famine, and other social and political factors which make it difficult to access food. Disorders such as marasmus, in which people do not ingest enough energy sources, or kwashiorkor, in which there is a deficiency in protein, can develop into starvation. These conditions are common when food supplies are disrupted, forcing people to eat a diet which is not very diverse and may also be limited in terms of overall volume as well.

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What is some diseases of starvation?

Do you mean What diseases can cause starvation, or what diseases can result from starvation?

How do you get out of starvation mode?

You have to eat to get out of starvation mode.

What part of speech is starvation?

Starvation is a noun.

What is a sentence with starvation in it?

Drought can often be the cause of starvation. Starvation can sometimes be cause by political policies.

How did starvation start?

Starvation stemmed out of famines and poverty.

Where is starvation happening?

a place where starvation is would be Ireland

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No, starvation should not be capitalized.

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EVERYTHING can die of starvation (living thing). Birds are living too, so they die, of starvation.

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the symptoms of starvation are: bad diarea, you get skinny....ect..

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Yes. People can be commited for starvation / anorexia.

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Did Ferdinand Magellan die of starvation

What is the root word for starvation?

The noun 'starvation' is a form of the verb to starve.

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Example sentences:The man was charged with animal cruelty for starvation of the animal.Starvation of an animal is wrong criminally and morally.

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The patron against starvation is St. Anthony of Padua.

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Starvation is made up of 3 syllables. Star'va'tion

How do you spell starvation?

That is the correct spelling of the word "starvation" (suffering from lack of food).

What is the noun for starvation?

"Starvation" is a noun-- an abstract noun. It comes from the verb "to starve."

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Starvation State Park was created in 1972.

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As the game progresses, Skywalker and Rogue Squadron fight the Galactic Empire in sixteen missions across various planets before he died of starvation.

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Well given my experiences with dying of starvation and the die.

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Marx's children absolutely did not die of starvation.

Did more people die from hot gases or starvation after mount Tambora erupted?