What is stress?

Stress is the reaction of your body to potentially threatening, challenging, or disturbing events.

Answer 2: Stress means different things to different people. The term conveys to many the thought of tension or pressure but that is only part of the picture. Human stress is some physical or emotional thing that affects our body, to which we need to adapt or we are harmed. Today it is common to think of stress in connection with emotional pressure or tension. Our bodies go through a fight or flight response triggered by such emotions as fear or anger. The response may not of itself be bad or harmful. But the response always readies you for productive work. Prolonged emotional strain so that you are constantly in this alerted, excited state, with no relieving action for your body is not good. Constant, excessive stress is harmful to the major organs of the body. Awake magazine 8/1980 Wha Is This Thing Called Stress?

"Stress" is a word used in several areas. In both the verb and noun forms it can mean:

  • In emotional terms it is a condition of anxiety and the need to react or do something about a situation
  • In scientific (physics) it is a the result of pressure pushing an object into more compact state
  • In environmental terms it is the pressure out on on an eco system bey outside effects which cause the organisms to react poorly
  • In grammatical terms it means to put emphasis on a word or phrase. This is similar to its musical meaning.