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Covalent bonds will always be stronger then an dipole or charge attraction between molecules.

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Q: What is stronger the covalent bonds that holds atoms together within a molecule or the electrical attraction between two neighboring molecules?
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What is the intermolecular attraction of covalent bonds?

Small covalent molecules have a weak force of attraction.

The attraction between water molecules is the result of water?

The attraction is: A POLAR COVALENT BOND

Atoms are held together with covalent attraction?

Atoms are not held togetherinternally by covalent attraction, but instead by the so-called "strong force" of quantum theory. However, two or more atoms can be held together in molecules by covalent attraction.

What type of attraction occurs between nonpolar covalent molecules?

In non-polar covalent molecules weak forces exists & are known as Van der Waals' forces

What is a bond between polar covalent molecules called?

A bond between two or more polar covalent molecules is called a Dipole-Dipole attraction (or interaction).

Which type of chemical bond forms molecules?

The type of bond that usually occurs between molecules is the hydrogen bond. It is the result of an attraction between two electronegative atoms involving a hydrogen atom between them.

In a covalent molecular compound the attraction between molecules tends to be stong?

Question #7 is indeed True!

What slight attraction that develops between the oppositely charged regions of nearby molecules?

When molecules are close together, a slight attraction can develop between the oppositely charged regions of nearby molecules. Chemists call such intermolecular forces of attraction van der Waals forces. (This also occurs in the phenomenon known as Hydrogen-bonding.) What is the alternate of a slight attraction - it is called the covalent bond. Note that an ionic bond is a type of covalent bond.

Why are covalent bonds stronger than the electricalatraction between two neighboring molecules?

A covalent bond is a chemical bond formed by the sharing of electrons within the molecule. Attractions between molecules are relatively weak because there is no formation of a chemical bond.

What is the coordinate bonding and what is the difference between it and the covalent bonding?

Covalent bonding involves two or more atoms sharing electrons. Coordinate covalent bonding is just an attraction that molecules have for other molecules based on the asymmetrical distribution of electrons in those molecules, creating negatively charged and positively charged regions (and hence, an attraction between the negatively charged regions of one molecule and the positively charged regions of another molecule).

What is the attraction between the same kind of molecules?

adhesion is the attraction which allows molecules of different kinds of matter to stick together!

Are molecules covalent or ionic?

Molecules are covalent.