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Stubble mulching is leaving the organic residue of the crop, that is not gathered during harvest, on the ground. It allows for cooler soil and less erosion. An example of this would be leaving the wheat straw in the field after harvesting the heads for grain.

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What has the author Theodore R Horning written?

Theodore R. Horning has written: 'Stubble mulching in the Northwest' -- subject(s): Stubble mulching, Tillage, Research

What has the author David Douglas Myrold written?

David Douglas Myrold has written: 'Effects of water potential and residue placement on the rate of wheat straw decomposition' -- subject(s): Soil chemistry, Stubble mulching

What has the author Edwin Bronson Knapp written?

Edwin Bronson Knapp has written: 'The interrelations of carbon, nitrogen, and microbial biomass during the decomposition of wheat straw' -- subject(s): Soil chemistry, Stubble mulching, Nitrification

What materials are used fo mulching?

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What does mulching mean?

milk producing animals can be called mulching animals.

What is the actual time to remove mulching?

I never remove mulching, simply add more on top. Previous mulching layers will break down naturally.

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Mulching is covering the soil with organic material to conserve moisture, suppress weeds and provide nutrients.

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Do they reccommend mulching lawns and how much?

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Who makes task force mulching mowers?


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