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What is superstition?



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Superstition is any blind belief. What makes you blind is your need or greed. It makes you exploiter or exploited. It makes you arrogant or meek. It makes you fanatic ruler or follower.

People usually associate blind beliefs with illiteracy and simplicity.

But worst superstitions can spring from well read and well informed people.

Petty selfishness is the problem that can make your thinking blind (whether so called scientific or otherwise), emotions or feelings blind and instincts and passoins also blind!. Thus, actions of a petty person lead to blind intellectual, blind emotional or blind instinctual (blind passionate) actions, which are disastrous for himself or herself and THE MANKIND.

Superstition can be old or modern. It can be scientific or otherwise. But it is always a product of pettiness.

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