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It is a sword held by the jotun (giant) Sutr. The sword is covered by fire.

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Q: What is surturs sword in Norse mythology?
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What is the name of Surtrs sword in Norse Mythology?

The name of Surtr's sword in Norse mythology is "Surtalogi".

What is the name of Frey's sword?

According to Norse mythology, the name of Frey's sword is Laevateinn, or the sword of destiny. It will fight on it's own "if wise be he who weilds it", simaler to mjioneir, Thor's hammer.

Who is the chief of Norse mythology?

The chief god of Norse mythology is Odin.

What was the origin of Norse mythology?

Norse Mythology originated in early Scandinavia.

What mythology is Thor from?

Norse mythology, or you can also say the myths of Scandinavia.

An important god in Norse mythology?

Norse mythology's chief god was odin.

Would Norse mythology be capaitlized?

the word 'Norse' would be capitalised, but not 'mythology'.

Which country does Norse mythology come from?

Norse mythology comes from early Scandinavia.

How are asgard and Norse mythology identical?

Asgard is the home of the gods in Norse Mythology.

What other name could you use for Norse mythology?

Some call it the Norse Religion, Viking Mythology, and the Viking Religion, but the most correct is Norse Mythology.

Where can you find Norse mythology books? has a wide selection of books on Norse Mythology.

Who is Ijosalfa in Norse mythology?

I can't seem to find a reference to Ijosalfa in Norse mythology.