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What is synergistic reaction?


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dorAn interaction between two or more individual compounds that produces an effect upon the body (or an organism)GREATER than either of the substances alone would have produced.

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What is a synergistic relationship in an information system?

Northwest Synergistic Software was created in 1978.

A good example of synergistic communication is trusting one another. Feeling safe and trusting somebody is using synergistic communication.

what is the synergistic effect of cognitive modeling in human computer interaction

When one drug increases the effect of another drug, this is known as a synergistic effect.

When one hormone enhances affect of other it is called synergistic effect as adrenaline and nor adrenaline .

it has something to do with your body.

The anagram is synergistic.

The synergistic effect is the result of at least two agents or substances that work together. The work produces an outcome all agree upon.

strategic, synergistic, and operational

it is a muscle that is in your upper arm

Biceps and brachioradialis. The bicep is the prime mover in elbow joint movement and the brachioradialis acts as a synergistic muscle to stabilize the joint, thus aiding in the motion.

yes,they are synergistic in nature

When the presence of one chemical enhances the effects of the second.

The synergistic effect describes a situation in which organic structures interacting results in an overall effect greater than the sum of all of the individual effects. This term can be applied to chemical substances or living organisms.

Synergistic glucosamine is a fancy way to say glucosamine sulfate potassium. Some supplements use this fancy name to make themselves look different than other products with the same ingredients.

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The risk of lung cancer due to asbestos exposure is increased by the synergistic effect of smoking. That is, the risk of cancer does not ADD to the risk of smoking, it MULTIPLIES.

A synergist muscle is a muscle that aids another by promoting the same movement.

relies on the synergistic and curative properties of the plant to

AN example of a synergistic muscle pair would be the biceps brachii and the brachialis muscle that work together to flex the forearm. A muscle antagonistic to those two would be the triceps brachii which functions to extend the forearm.

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I DO NOT KNOW THATIts when the effect of two chemicals on an organism is greater than the effect of each chemical individually, or the sum of the individual effects. The presence of one chemical enhances the effects of the second. This is called a synergistic effect or synergy, and the chemicals are sometimes described as showing synergism.

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