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What is synonym or dictionary word for fell down during weakness?

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collapsed collapsed

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The synonym for pour down is down pour .....................

a synonym for turn down is embarrass

i don't know any but you can go on the farlex free dictionary, type in your word, you may have to scroll down a little but it has tons of synonyms.

What is a synonym for seasonal ups and down

A synonym for the word tacke would be to bring down or to attack.

Synonym: Let down, Sad Antonym: Excited, Happy

A synonym for upside down is inverted.

cut down, level, demolish, knock down, hew

cut down, level, demolish, knock down, hew

discouraged, cast down, sad

broken wearing down destroyed

seedy, shabby, run-down

let-down, broken, disappointed

a synonym for volcano is lava, which is hot molten liquid which eventually cools down and become rocks.

His weakness was love. He was the most handsom god but was very unlucky in love and that slowed him down.

From the Random House Crossword Puzzle Dictionary: Synonyms for rebuff: deny, reject, repel, spurn, refuse, cast off, decline, discard, disdain, dismiss, repulse, shrug off, turn down, turn from, repudiate

descend,go down,fall,sink

His Achilles tendon! When he was dipped to be protected, he was held upside down and the hand holding him was covering his Achilles tendon- thus blocking at from being coated during the dip.

One can prevent or slow down muscle weakness by working out and eating healthy. By working out on a daily basis, one can build up their muscles to be stronger.

knock down, level, destroy, dismantle, flatten, tear down, bulldoze, raze

hold up, delay, or reduce speed.

Drank, Pounded, Gulped, Downed, Down in one

The word broken down means "without sensation"

broken-down, crumbling, battered, falling apart

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