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Tie down.

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What is a synonym for moored?

Synonyms for moored are berth, catch, chain,dock,fix, lash, secure, tether.

What is a synonym chain?

connection, cable, string, series. tether, coupling, link, bond, shackle, fetter, manacle, sequence, succession, progression

Is it illegal to tether a pony?

Is it illegal to tether a horse

What is a tether ball made of?

a tether ball is made of lether

When was Anthony Tether born?

Anthony Tether was born in 1942.

Synonym of moor?

berth, catch, chain, dock, fix, lash, make fast, picket, secure, tether, tie, tie upTie up or berth.

How do you make a sentence with this word tether?

Please tether your goat outside.

Why did they make a tetherball?

obviously they made a tether-ball to play tether-ball

How can get your droid to tether?

go to youtube type in droid type and wireless tether

Where is a tether ball made?

There are many manufacturers of "tether balls" in the US and overseas.

What is a sentence using the word tether?

I need to tether the horses to the picket line while we rest. The tether keeps the blimp from blowing away in the wind.

What is a tether?

A tether is a peice of thick leather that is used for horse on rides or strolls! (this is vanessa chang)

Use tether in a sentence?

My friend came over because she wanted to play tether ball with me.

How do you use tether in a sentence?

I forgot my spurs, so I had to tether my horse to a pole, so I could get them.

Which mesentery helps tether the stomach to the liver?

The lesser momentum helps tether the stomach to the liver.

Are leashes and tether the same?

yes they are considered the same, although you 'tether" a horse and leash a dog.

Who invented tetherball?

who invented the tether ball you ask? The person who invented the tether ball is named Timothy O'Brien.

What is the length of a tether ball pole?

The standard length for a tether ball pole is ten feet. On playgrounds some tether ball poles are 6 to 8 feet tall so it is easier for children to use.

How do you replace the tether gas cap on a 1998 Buick Century?

how to replace the tether gas cap on a 1998 Buick Century?

When was tether ball invented?


How do you tether a evo smartphone?


What is the thin leather strap used to tether a hawk?

Jesses, singular 'jess' are thin straps of leather used to tether a Hawk.

How do you tether the G1 to my laptop Seen this site but dont really understand it. anyone can explain that simpler

Funny. I have the same question. I am trying to tether to a mac and so far no luck. I need serious help over here!

How can you hit the ball high in tether ball?

You can hit the ball high in tether ball by aiming the ball to the ground.Another way is to push the ball.

What is yma?

A man who has reached the end of his tether!

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