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Food with bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens. It comes from cross-contamination, poor handling, and poor storage. In some cases, someone deliberately taints the food.

An example of cross-contamination would be if you have spoiling meat on the top shelf that is dripping blood or other liquids onto vegetables or a cake on the second shelf. Then you would get just as sick from eating the food from the second shelf as you would from the spoiled meat. Another common example is if you had spoiled food touching the counter top or a cutting board and then use that same surface to chop vegetables.

Poor handling would include things like placing vegetables in a truck which was contaminated with corpses, body waste, rotten meat, sick animals, or whatever, or irrigating crops with contaminated water.

Poor storage would include things like refreezing meat. That will certainly cause the meat to spoil. Once it is thawed, you had better cook it immediately, and not put it back in the freezer.
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Who sang Tainted love?

Soft Cell had a huge hit with Tainted Love, but it was originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964 . Many cover versions have been recorded to date. . Answer . soft cell. Answer . soft cell

Where is the taint located on a guy?

The taint is more formally known as the perineum. It is the spot of skin between the end of the testicles or scrotum and the anus.

What does tainted mean?

It means that something has been contaminated. Ex, tainted beef means that it has spoiled or some kind of poison or harmful bacteria (e-coli) was found in the beef and is inedible.. Also to make rotten

What is tainted love?

Tainted Love is a song written by Ed Cobb. The song became wellknown when it was covered in 1981 by Soft Cell.

Is green tilapia tainted?

Tilapia that is fresh and not tainted should not be green in color.Tilapia should stay fresh for one to two days in the refrigeratorand should be white to pinkish in color.

All the artists that have sung tainted love?

Selected list of recorded versions 1964 Gloria Jones, northern soul 1976 Gloria Jones with Marc Bolan, glam rock 1981-82 Soft Cell, synthpop 1985 Coil, gothic/industrial 1986 Boppin' Kids on the album Go Wild!, Rockabilly 1990s Tainted Cash, rave music 1993 Inspiral Carpets 1990s Jon ( Full Answer )

How can you find a lab to test dog food that you suspect is tainted?

contact the ASPCA they should take it from there, or give you info. I checked out their website and they charge $60 just to make a phone inquiry. I don't mind paying for the analysis but I think $60 is a bit steep just to find out how to go about it. They don't have any way of e-mailing or getting ( Full Answer )

Did the Ramones cover Tainted Love?

No this is a common misconception in the world of file sharing Tainted Love is actually by the 1980's synthpop duo softcell

Where is the taint located on a girl?

There ain't no taint on a girl. Tainted means contaminated or morally corrupt. ^the above post is ridiculous, both men and women have it, it's a slang word for the perineum.

What is meaning of tainted love?

Answer The lyrics pretty much describe a romance where one individual has given more love than their partner. They are losing faith that this relationship will provide them with the healthy rewarding love that they covet. The song is a their message to the partner that they have had enough and are ( Full Answer )

What is melamine-tainted?

Much to the horror of consumers across the globe, melamine-tainted goods continue to surface in markets. Everyday it seems the number of victims continues to increase. I first read about the scandal on the news site foodsafetycentral.net.

How do you use taint in a sentence?

There was a taint of envy in his congratulatory remarks. Baseball owners worry that steroid use could taint the reputation of the sport.

How do you remove boar taint?

The following method is used by Taiwanese cooks overseas to remove boar taint.. 1. Fill a large pot with at least enough cold water to cover the defrosted meat The more water the better to avoid cooking the meat.. 2. Heat the pot for 30 minutes at the lowest possible setting your stove at which it ( Full Answer )

What artists sang tainted love?

The song was written by Ed Cobb, and performed by Gloria Jones for her 1965 single My Bad Boy's Comin' Home. The single and B-Side were both commerical failures until 1973 when it was adopted by UK Northern Soul disco scene. It then became so popular that Jones re-released, again failing to chart. I ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to Tainted Love?

this is the tainted love soft cell sang, not Gloria Jones Sometimes I feel I've got to Run away I've got to Get away From the pain that you drive into the heart of me The love we share Seems to go nowhere And I've lost my light For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night (chorus) ( Full Answer )

Who recorded the song Tainted Love?

The first person to record the song was Gloria Jones, but it became a big hit later by Soft Cell, and has been covered by others.

How can Holy water be tainted?

holy water can certainly be disrespected and desecrated....throwfeces in it, spit on it, urinate in it....but it can never lose its potency....it has been blessed by the power of the holy spirit....even satanic acts and witchcraft can do it no harm....for god is infinitely more powerful than satan a ( Full Answer )

How does one shave their taint?

(Assuming you are right handed. Reverse hands for left-handers.) Stand in the tub with your right foot on the side and soap the area. Don't use any shaving cream with menthol! With your left hand, cup your fingers over your pubic bone and press the skin upward toward your belly. Starting on the righ ( Full Answer )

Does it feel good to rub a guys taint?

Every guy is different, for a lot of them it can be a very pleasurable feeling, but some also aren't comfortable with it. It is a sensitive area so if experimenting be sure he knows in advance and use light touches at first.

How can you loose yourself in someones tainted smile?

If this has happend to you as far as romanticly,it's very possible,it's happend to me before as well. It's like your heart is smotherd with the happieness and pure bliss of the other person that you sometimes forget about everything else so you can just remeniss on that moment. You obviously ( Full Answer )

Is the song Tainted love from the 80's?

The group Soft Cell had a hit with their cover of "Tainted Love" in 1981-82. The song itself was originally released in 1964, but the original version (performed by a female artist named Gloria Jones) was not a hit.

What is tainted cheese?

Cheese that has been messed with. Example: Green and purple poka-dotted cheese would be considered "tainted cheese" because that isn't a natural color of any cheese.

Where is your taint located?

It is located between your testicles and anus. In women it is between the vulva and the anus. It is more correctly called the perineum. This usage of the word taint is vulgar slang.

Who tainted the shadar logoth dagger?

I tis said the vileness of Mordeth in contadicting the Creator and defying the dark one gave way to the evil taint of the whole shadar logoth ..all the things coming from this place are already tainted by the dark one as a punishment. . \n \n

How do you get dual tainted claymore of miltonius?

You need 13 diamonds of miltonius, 13 tainted gems, and 13 dark crystal shards. You also need the contract of Miltonius(unidentified 13) and the voucher of miltonius(non-mem) You need to get to miltonius which requires: okoduro's tooth hydra scale 50 killed makai escherion's chain strand of vath's ( Full Answer )

Is silent hill real tainted town?

In theory yes it is. The true origin of Silent Hill is based on the now small Centralia, PA. This once thriving coal mining town was home to a thousand or more people. Unfortunately someone lit a fire in a basement (as the story goes) and it caught into the mine shaft. These days there are little to ( Full Answer )

Has anyone died of Halloween Candy taintings?

Halloween Candy tainting has taken the lives of 5 children and adults - though most people discover the candy is defective before they eat it. A few demented people have been known to put metal shavings, razor blades, poison, and the like in candy. For more information on tainted Halloween candy, ( Full Answer )

Who sings the song tainted love?

Gloria Jones recorded the original version of "Tainted Love" in 1965 but this failed to hit the charts, the most well known verision was recorded by Soft Cell with lead singer Marc Almond in 1981.

What is tainted spirit?

No such thing in the Bible. Either you have the Holy Spirit or you have not got it. And the natural man does not understand the things of God (1Corinthians 2.14). We must be born again - (John 3.3)

Why did taint leave lex and terry?

He asked for a raise. While Lex and Terry agreed to give him thesaid raise they were not willing to give him what he was askingfor. In a gamble, he decided to put in a notice. The notice periodcame and went with no budging from the name sakes. Therfore he leftthe show on his own accord

Is taint gone from lex and terry?

He asked for a raise. While Lex and Terry agreed to give him thesaid raise they were not willing to give him what he was askingfor. In a gamble, he decided to put in a notice. The notice periodcame and went with no budging from the name sakes. Therfore he leftthe show on his own accord

How do you quest tainted claw in aqw?

You must be level 30 and rank 10 evil to get the quest from Skew in tercessuinotlim. To complete the quests you must get 1 claw of nuglath, 7 tainted gems and 7 dark crystal shards.

What state was Tainted Love from?

The song Tainted Love was written/composed by American artist/composer Ed Cobb who was a pupil at Hollywood High School, Los Angeles, California but it is unknown what State the song was written in. The original Gloria Jones version was released by Champion Records from Nashville, Tennessee.The most ( Full Answer )

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The cast of Tainted - 1987 includes: Lee Anne Barton as Student Keith as Student with Slingshot Hall Austin as Funeral Client Randy Barcelo as Corpse Dean Biasucci as Scott Larry Butts as Police Officer Alice Cely as Corpse Alex Cochran as Corpse Tom Conder as Police Officer Elmer Drake as Husband o ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Tainted - 1998?

The cast of Tainted - 1998 includes: Micheal Agrusso as Bum Belinda Bonaudo as Waitress Jason Brouwer as Slain Zillah Callen as Bar Extra Tuyen Cao as Caroline Dean Chekvala as Alex Sean Farley as J.T. Jamin Fite as Bar Extra Caryn Hottle as Vampire Woman Eric Jaan as Clyde Kevin Joy as Creepy Custo ( Full Answer )

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What happens if you eat tainted chicken?

There is a chance nothing major would happen, but you would likelyfeel a little sick to your stomach. In more serious cases, youcould get pretty ill for a few days. Symptoms would include stomachdiscomfort, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Dehydration may becomean issue as well. It is always important ( Full Answer )