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Q: What is that belt called that gives you abs?
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Where do you get the accessories for the contour abs belt?

try Ebay

Does vibrating belt reduce weight?

I dont know if it actually reduces weight, but its does sculpt ur tummy. I have the contour abs belt & totally love it!

What muscles are called abs?


Do ABS brakes give better course stability?

ABS brakes are good to stop the vehicle. What gives stability to the car are the shock absorbers, and the suspension set.

What does ABS code mean in a 2000 Pontiac Montana?

Do you mean ABS is light is on? If yes, ABS is not active. The sensor could be fouled and this will have the effect of turning off ABS. If you are like me, you remember when vehicles did not have ABS and we had to know how to brake in adverse weather... My van went the same I have not repaired it because I feel ABS gives a false sense of security, but like I say I began driving long before ABS.

How safe is sauna belta for abs?

Sauna belt is safe, but it doesn't really work like it's advertised.

What is best stomach exercise equipment available to consumers? The flex belt is good for abs crunching . Get a flatten stomach in days. It tones and tightens the abs giving you a more toned and flatten area.

Why does an automatic with ABS take longer to stop when braking?

The wheels do not lock up with abs. This gives you more control to steer the vehicle out of danger but it takes longer to stop.

What are the parts of a belt called?

The belt and the buckle.

What are legos made of?

there made of a plastic called abs

Would buying a 2002 Honda Accord SE without traction control or ABS be a good idea if you live in Minnesota?

you NEED abs, traction control is nice but abs is a must. without abs your tires will lock up on the ice when braking. when this happen you cant steer, abs lets you steer ,as well as can be expected, but yes it gives you a lot more control in slippery conditions. you need abs

What is the main asteroid belt called?

The main asteroid belt is actually called the asteroid belt - pretty dull really.