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9.79 by Ben Johnson (steroids)

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โˆ™ 2009-06-26 19:44:07
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Q: What is the 100m wr on drugs?
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Who is the fastest person in track in field?

Usain Bolt100m 9.58 WR200m 19.19 WR

Who took drugs in the 100m sprint?

Ben johnson...

How many world records do usain bolt hold in 2011?

to my knowledge 3, 100m 200m and is on the 4x100m WR team

What was Usain Bolt's split times for the 9.69 100m WR?

All his 10 meter splits are here:

Who won the men's 100m sprint in the Olympics 2008?

Usain Bolt in 9.69secs New WR and OR Richard Thompson was second, Walter Dix was third

Who are the team members who hold the men's 4 x 100m medley relay Olympic record?

Aaron Peirsol Brenden Hansen Michael Phelps Jason Lezak (3:29.34) Note: This is no longer the WR.

What was unusual about Carl Lewis' gold medal in the 100m sprint in the Olympic Games?

Drugs fell out of his pocket while he was running

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When was WR Parry born?

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When did WR Parry die?

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Why was the 1988 Olympics 100m mens sprint so dramatic?

Ben Johnson, who crossed the line first, was disqualified after a positive drugs test.

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Bell, Ed (G/T), Indiana1947-49Cloud, Jack (FB), William & Mary1950-51Temp, Jim (DE), Wisconsin1957-60Barrett, Jan (E), Fresno State1963*Aldridge, Lionel (DE), Utah State1964-71Tinker, Gerald (WR), Kent State1975Hartwig, Keith (WR), Arizona1977Coffman, Paul (TE), Kansas State1978-85Moffitt, Mike (WR), Fresno State1986Harden, Derrick (WR), Eastern New Mexico1987Paskett, Keith (WR), Western Kentucky1987Bolton, Scott (WR), Auburn1988Affholter, Erik (WR), Southern California1991Beach, Sanjay (WR), Colorado State1992*Johnson, Reggie (TE), Florida State1994Ingram, Mark (WR), Michigan State1995Beebe, Don (WR), Chadron State1996-97Manning, Brian (WR), Stanford1998*Howard, Desmond (WR/KR), Michigan1999*Jordan, Charles (WR), Long Beach City1999Lee, Charles (WR), Central Florida2000-01Steele, Ben (TE), Mesa State2004-05Wallace, Taco (WR), Kansas State2005Gardner, Rod (WR), Clemson2005Martin, Ruvell (WR), Saginaw Valley State2006-08

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what does WR stand for in NFL?

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Does Tyson gay or usain bolt hold world record?

usain Usain Bolt won the 100m in Beijing at a time of 9.69, a WR, but Tyson Gay was the world's fastest man in 2009 with a time of 9.77. However in the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Usain Bolt broke his own WR to win with a time of 9.58. Incidentially, Gay finished second in 9.71.

What is greater 1000000 mm or 100m?


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How do you run 100m faster?

How do you run 100m faster?

How many feet in 100m?

100m = 328.084 feet

In door 60 meter men's record?

6.39 (Maurice Green of the USA) However, during Bolt's 9.58 100m WR, he rant he first 60m in 6.31 seconds! So no doubt, if Usain Bolt chose to run an indoor season, he would set a new 60m WR (Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay would also run under this 6.39 mark, no doubt).

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Who are the Top fastest track runners in the world?

usain bolt (100m) 9.58 asafa Powell (100m) 9.74 donovan bailey (100m) dunno Tyson gay (100m,200m,400m) 9.68 Morris green (100m) 9.79 Michael Johnson (400m,200m, 100m) 43.18