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Dangerous Canadian animals? Personnally, I think that the most dangerous animal is Emma moorhouse!

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The ten most dangerous animals in Vietnam are Rhinos, hyenas, alligators, mosquitos, asian cobras, poison dart frog, polar bears swimming and others deadly animals.

Well, since there are only ten provinces in Canada, I guess they'd all be on the top ten list.

There are a great many animals on this earth, all superior in their own way, therefore to answer this question you must have an idea of top ten what? Most venomous? Most dangerous? Most colorful? Most favorited? etc.

to me the 10 most dangerous, and i mean by dangerous, the ones that cause the most no order are 1.) hippo 2.)elephants 3.)tiger sharks 4.)bull sharks 5.) puff adder 6.) black mamba 7.) alligators 8.) tigers 9.) killer whales 10.) mosquitos (malaria)

in my opinion the most dangerous animal in the world would be an orca.mainly because they are fast and really smart, and they will eat anything

The most dangerous place in Australia is Sydney 2nd Adelaide 3rd Melbourne

Somalia >

It is mostly Used By Canada, US and Brazil Brazil= 10% Us=10% Canada=70% Canada uses the most hydro electric power in the world

polar bearelephantcape buffaloliongreat white sharkbox jellyfishcrocodilekiller beesfunnel-web spiderasian cobraALL OF THESE ARE BASED ON HOW DANGEROUS THESE ARE TO HUMANS.

Rugby is the tenth most dangerous sport in the worldCave Diving is the ninth most dangerous sport in the worldCheerleading is the eighth most dangerous sport in the worldMotorcycling is the seventh most dangerous sport in the world Fishing is the sixth most dangerous sport in the world Rock Climbing is the fifth most dangerous sport in the world Golfing is the fourth most dangerous sport in the world Horse Riding is the third most dangerous sport in the world Base Jumping is the second most dangerous sport in the world Lawn Bowls is the first most dangerous sport in the world And those are the 10 most dangerous sport in the world

i dont no but top 10 are 10 crocdile 9 shark 8 jellyfish 7 orca 6 bear 5 frog 4 emu 3 koalas 2 bee 1 hippo

The top 10 most dangerous animals in India are snakes, tigers, bears, leopards, elephants, scorpions, mosquitos, crocodiles, monkeys, and wild dogs.

because the moose is most founded in Canada wow im 10 and i knew that

rubby cheerleading rubby cheerleading

top 10 most dangers prisons in America

10 bear 9 wild cat 8 crocdile 7 wild dog 6 shark 5 kangeroo 4 spider 3 hippo 2 elephant 1 mosquito

i would have to say grate white,mako and thresher.

The ten most dangerous creatures in Australia are: 1. The Box Jellyfish 2. Irukandji (A Jellyfish) 3. Salt Water Crocodile 4. Blue Ring Octopus 5. Stone Fish 6. Red Back Spider 7. Brown Snake 8. Tiger Snake 9. Great White Shark 10. Funnel Web Spider

All drugs are dangerous when abused - even the ones your doctor prescribes. Alcohol is legal, but it is arguably the most dangerous because your odds of being addicted to it are approximately one in 10.

Most of Canada, Canada's largest climate zone, is Sub-Arctic with Arctic being the next largest. Canada covers 10 million sq/km and has many climate zones.

1. mosquitoes 2. snakes 3. crocodiles 4. big cats 5. sharks 6. bears 7. jellyfish 8. scorpions 9. hippos 10. elephants

They are the indonisia python the hayley snake the boa constricter red belly