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charlie bone and the Red Knight

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What is the name of the 8th Charlie Bone book?

charlie bone and the red knight

How many Charlie Bone books have been written?

7 books have been written and published, but Jenny is writing an 8th book.

In Charlie Bone books does Charlie fall in love?

In the 8th book it's implied he likes Matilda from Badlock but she doesn't come back with him

Is Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock out in AUstralia?

Yes. All seven books are out in Australia. We are just waiting on the 8th. Hopefully it will come out soon!

Will there be a ninth charlie bone?

there HAS to be a ninth Charlie Bone book ,because I am going to DIE unless there is. And at the end of the 8th Charlie bone book, Tancred's still alive, so it has to continue.

Is there going to be a ninth charlie bone?

no i think it stops at charlie bone and the red knight which is the 8th book...i dont think there will be another

Does Charlie Bone save Billy Raven out of the painting?

Yes, Charlie Bone saves Billy from the painting. I heard that In the 8th book (Charlie Bone and the Red Knight), Billy gets a home.

Will there be a Charlie Bone 9?

According to Jenny Nimmo's website there will not be a 9th Charlie Bone book. The 8th book should be comming out in September 2009. That book will be called "Charlie Bone and the Red Knight".

When is Charlie bone 8 coming out?

the 8th is already out as i have just brought mine.....it is called charlie bone and the red knight..its really good so far!!

What is the 9th book of Charlie Bone called?

The series ends with the 8th book

What is the reading age of Charlie Bone books?

i read them in 5th grade, I'm still hooked and I'm in 8th. an appropriate time to start reading them is probably 4th grade.

What is the title of the 8th Bone book?

It is called Charlie Bone and the red knight. It was supposed to come out last year but didn't.

What is the ninth Charlie Bone Book?

It wont be coming out the 8th book is the last book in the series sadly.

Who does Charlie Bone like?

In the 8th book it seems like he likes Matilda from Badlock Count Harken's granddaughter

Wil they have Charlie Bone 9?

No the 8th is the last one Jenny Nimmo said that she was writing a seris about the Red King

What is a computer network in 8th class books?

what is the another name for computer network

What will the cover of the 8th Charlie Bone book look like?

It has a picture of (from left to right) Tancred, Charlie and Olivia. In the backround there is the Red knight riding on his horse. Olivia is wearing her purple cape and has purple curls like Shirley Temple.

How many pages are there in Charlie Bone?

in the first 401-2nd 402-3rd 408-4th 410-5th 440-6th 390-7th 425-8th 466

When will the 8th Charlie Bone book be released in the US?

may 2010 I got it from amazon for $6.50 (paperback) but you need to pay shipping and handling but it is like $10 in all awesome right your welcome

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