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The related link has a sample APA paper, which has a References page to show you the format.

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Q: What is the APA format for the reference page?
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Related questions

Do you number a reference page according to APA format?

Yes, number the reference page in APA format.

Does reference page come before Appendix in APA format?

In APA format the reference page come before appendix. Amongst the different sections in an APA format the reference page is the fourth section and the appendix is the fifth or last section.

What kind of paper should a reference page be on?

All APA format papers must have a reference page.

With apa format does the reference page go before the appendix?

Yes; reference page before appendix.

Do you write a year in APA format?

You do write a year in APA format; for in text citations, reference page information, and on the title page for date of the paper.

How do you convert an annotated bibiliography into an APA formatted reference page?

Remove the annotated portion; then make sure the citings are in accordance with APA guidelines See the related link The OWL at Purdue for how to format the reference page.

Where do you put the citations on a apa format paper?

You will need the in text citation and cite the source on the reference page.

In apa format how far is the header from the top of the page?

The header is 1/2 inch from the top of the page in APA format.

How does a apa Reference Page look like?

The related link has an APA paper that has a reference page, provided by The OWL at Purdue.

How should parenthetical reference appear in apa format?

Parenthetical reference should appear in APA format as author, date; e.g. (Jones, 2009).

When using APA format do you put page number when paraphrasing?

No, don't use page number when paraphrasing in text in APA format.

How do you I convert annoted bibliography to APA reference page?

See the related link, title of paper is APA Format for Annotated Bibliographies, which describes and gives examples on how to do this.

Do APA have a title page?

The APA do have a title page that is the first page of the APA dissertation format paper. No matter what sort of dissertation people are required to write, title page is compulsory. The title page of APA dissertation format includes the name of the pupil with his or her institute name.

Is there a works cited page in apa format?

Yes; it is called a reference page and lists author, title, publisher, and other pertinent information about the source.

What is a citation page?

In APA, it's called a reference page. The reference page(s) has all the sources used in the paper listed out per the APA guidelines.

What is a reference page listing or entry?

The source page that list the bibliography information is called "References" in APA format. In addition to this, reference page listing is a listing where people register all the details regarding the sources they cited. In an APA the reference section lists all the sources cited within the paper for documentation.

What size font to write a title page apa format?

The title page is the first page of the APA format paper. In APA style the title page is compulsory. However, ideal word count for title page is 10-12 words.

Is the works cited page numbered?

In APA, the reference page is numbered.

Does APA require a page titled Works Cited?

No; it is a "Reference" page.

Does APA have a page titled works cited?

No it does not; it is called a reference page.

How do you make a reference page for a report?

It depends on whether you are using MLA or APA format. MLA calls the reference page a Works Cited. APA calls the page a Bibliograpy. Both methods have different requirements for the reference page and for internally citing in the paper. You can look up either on the internet and pull up examples of how to cite books, magazines, journals, etc.

When writing a paper in apa format can you use double line spacing?

Yes; double space throughout, including reference page. See general APA guidelines in the related link.

What are the function of title page?

The APA title page is the first page of the APA format paper. Title page is compulsory in every sort of paper. The title page of APA format includes the name of the student with his or her institute name. 10-12 words are ideal for title page.

Do you number pages in APA format?

It is must to number pages in APA format. In referring to a work or a quote from a work people should cite APA in the page number format. The page number should follow before the period of the sentence.

What must you do to convert the annotated biblliography to an apa formatted reference page?

See the related link to convert an annotated bibliography to APA formatted reference page.