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The Aborigines Protection Board reffers to the people in charge of implementing the legislation and laws introduced by the Aborigines Protection Act 1909. This act enabled the board the power to taken Aboriginal children away from their familys and place them in institutions (on missions, reserves and stations) under the guise of 'protection' that is the British government was 'protecting' these children from their families, culture, heritage, lifestyle etc. The act was amended in 1915, the amendments allowed for even more control over the Aboriginal population. The Board no longer needed parental consent to remove children, they were free to come at any time and forcable remove children from their families. The removal of children was not the only thing that the Board (though it was one that had a very large and lasting legacy in the form of many displaced people who retain the scars of a terrorised past, ie 'The Stolen Generation') the board did, they had controll over many other aspects of Aboriginal peoples lives, they controlled peoples wages, marrage, freedom of movement and so on.

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Q: What is the Aborigines Protection Board?
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