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Q: What is the Arabic name of solanum trilobatum?
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When was Solanum trilobatum created?

Solanum trilobatum was created in 1753.

What is the effect of solanum nigrum locci on asthma?

instead of solanum nigrum, solanum trilobatum used for treatment of asthma. The leaves of solanum trilobatum dried in shadow and powdered. a small spoon of powder mixed with hot water is better medicine for asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis. I think solanum nigrum not used for respiratory disorder. The fruits of solanum nigrum used for gastric ulcer.

What alternative medicine cures Tuberculosis?

solanum trilobatum is having medicine properties against tuber culosis

Eggplant scientific name?

The eggplant's scientific name is: Solanum melongena

What is scientific name for brinjal?

Solanum melongena

What is the scientific name potatoes?

Solanum tuberosum .

What is the botanical name of potato?

The scientific name for potatoes is Solanum tuberosum.

What is the tomato plant's scientific name?

Solanum lycopersicum. The name was formerly Lycopersicon esculentum.

What is the scientific name for the potato?

The scientific name of the potato is Solanum tuberosum.

What is the scintific name for potato?

Solanum tuberosum

What is the potatoes Latin name?

solanum tuberosum

What is the sientific name of tomato?

Solanum lypocersicum